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(10-08-2016, 06:49 PM)LarsF Wrote: Ingame Name: LarsF_Royal, LarsF_Halb, LarsF_MP
Level: 52
Class: RG, Halb and MP
Crafting Profession and Level:Alchemist 16, defender 10
Time Zone: EU
I have been playing on and off for about 3 years, have had a 3 month break cus of finals and i would like to join you guys in UK now that i will start gaming again. i was a recruit in SoN for a while but i have lost contact with the guys there so therefore i am seeking an another house.
Regards Lars...
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/luff97/

Trial periode is over and we are glad to inform that you have been acceptet as full member of the UK house. 

Looted Fiendish - 03/08-2016
Glad to hear, it's an honor Smile
Lets have an event tonight! We will be doing rag/hard depending on our numbers. CC & Friends are more than welcome!

Event will be at 20.00 CEST (GMT+2)

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Ingame Name: Knight_Deksters_Of_Bohemia (Thats my PW clan, if i get in house i will be just deksters)
Level: 52
Class: Sniper ( soon warden, got my account fucked up thats why i dont have hero class )
Crafting Profession and Level: Alchemist lvl 1 ( as i said got it fucked up started every thing from beging )
Time zone: IDK what the fuck time zone is here but i'm from Latvia and i can play 247/

Steam: You will find me as KornsInParis
Ingame Name: Levy_JanisInParis_Of_Bohemia (Thats my PW clan, if i get in house i will be just JanisInParis)
Level: 52
Class: Royal Guard
Crafting Profession and Level: Armorsmith lvl 10
Time zone: My timezone is GTM +3 and im also from Latvia as deksters, been playing here since 2014, then took a break and now im back.
To Deksters and JanisInParis sorry this is not the house for you.
After a few incidents within the House I am having a major shake up along with our Main [UK]_Clan  http://www.unitedkillerz.co.uk/

If you wish to remain in the [UK] House in NI please send me a pm or contact me on either teamspeak with your intentions.  If I do not hear from you I will assume you have left or no longer wish to be part of the House.

The closing date for this is 13/09/2016 7pm London time.  For those that may be afg please contact me to review your position.

From now on application to NI will be invite or referral only.
if any of our [UK] unitedkillerz House members are interested or any other NordInvasion player, we do have a website back online at http://www.unitedkillerz.co.uk
we will always use this site for NordInvasion but we use our other site for other games we will be looking at getting our own bf1 server up when the time comes :Smile
Been a few years but I’m back, hello everybody
[UK]_Turtle - Level 52 Master Peltast
[UK]_Tortoise - Level 44 Sniper
[UK]_SnappingTurtle - Level 52 Chosen Marksman
[UK]_Terrapin - Level 46 Commando

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