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  Open Map-Edits
Posted by: Julia. - 12-06-2024, 08:59 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (5)

Hello everyone,

I intend to get a bunch of maps fixed with issues which have been reported (by someone who appearently knows a lot, you might guess?)...

If you have any requests which maps should get additional healing tables, shrines or have other issues like buggy AI-mesh, please let me know below (or if need of a discussion, in a seperate thread of the mapping area).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  Cavalry Mode on Non-Cavalry Maps
Posted by: Terath - 27-05-2024, 03:16 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (6)

Hey all. Just letting you know I am putting a moratorium on any instances of Cavalry mode being played on the standard game-mode map pool, under any circumstance, event or otherwise. This includes both CN and EU servers and communities. Anybody who has played it should be able to admit that it is far from the way you were intended to play either game-mode; it bugs the enemy AI, causes issues with the server (potential server crash on using big healing station and more fun stuff), and to be honest it is just not the way the game was meant to be played. Anybody caught doing this will face punishment similar to breaking a rule from the current written rule-set (visible by clicking 'Rules' at the top of the Forum screen). Of course, there will be no retro-active punishment for this, as that'd be very lame, but going forward think of it as part of the game rules. From now on, if you want Cavalry mode loot, just play Cavalry mode.

For those asking "why now, so late in the game?": It seems nobody was around that was willing to enforce what should have been part of the standard rule set; game-mode swapping is something seems to have occurred in the past four years only or later, and I would have enforced it the same way back then as I am now. Unfortunately, I've only been active recently. I'm not traditionally an admin or developer that deals with these things, but I do think we as a community should maintain a modicum of respect for common sense to say "yeah, this probably shouldn't be allowed". Thank you for your understanding, and much more thanks to you guys for keeping playing all these years.

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  Legendary Upgrades
Posted by: Kip - 04-11-2022, 04:05 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (8)

Legendary upgrade blueprints for November have been selected - all of them. The long trail of posts noting the rotation of recipes being randomly selected each month (along with my attempts to find a slightly different way to phrase each announcement) ends here with all recipes being available all the time. Perhaps this decision will be revisited in the future if there are unforeseen consequences but for now at least, they remain unforeseen.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will not be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Legendary Upgrades - October 2022
Posted by: Kip - 03-10-2022, 04:39 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

October's group of legendary upgrade blueprints has been made available.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Legendary Upgrades - September 2022
Posted by: Kip - 06-09-2022, 03:35 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

The belated September legendary upgrade recipes are now available.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Legendary Upgrades - August 2022
Posted by: Kip - 04-08-2022, 04:17 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (19)

A selection of upgrade blueprints is now available for August.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Email Issues
Posted by: Naozumi - 10-07-2022, 11:52 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Hi all,

As you may or may not be aware, we are having issues with emails. The crux of this issue is that we need to maintain a good delivery rating and we are finding this very difficult to do.

The metrics that are measured by the service provider are:

  • A delivery rate close to 100%
  • An open rate around 75%
  • A click rate around 2,5%
  • Complaint and bounce rates close to 0%

Unfortunately, these are proving incredibly difficult to maintain for a number of reasons including:
  • Most folks interested in updates see the email and check the forum directly - this reduces our open rate and click rate.
  • Plenty of folks were registered to threads but didn't really care about the updates - same issue as above, but also ate up our email quota.
  • Spam/bot accounts frequently cannot actually receive emails, causing our bounce rates to increase.
  • We are limited in the number of emails we can actually send per day.
  • Some people choose to use the block us / report us as spam, rather than unsubscribe.

Our actual ratings for these metrics since January are:
  • Delivery - 92.83%
  • Open - 12.34%
  • Click - 0% (yes, really)
  • Bounce - 0.77%
  • Blocked - 6.34% (Blocked means someone reported us as spam)

As such, we currently have a quota of 0, for the 3rd time in a short period of time. The quota's are automatic and once it hits 0 I need to talk with the support team to reinstate it - but if I cannot improve the situation (as we are seeing) then there is very little I can actually do to not get blocked again shortly thereafter.

I have tried multiple times to improve the email situation (security questions, captcha etc) but it just does not seem possible to maintain the ratings we are expected to. Therefore, for the time being there will not be any emails until I can figure out something else.

If you are trying to register on the forum or reset your password, please post in the Discord Help channel and someone will help you reset your password there.

Apologies for the inconvenience,


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  Legendary Upgrades - July 2022
Posted by: Kip - 01-07-2022, 05:00 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Blueprints for the month of July have been enabled.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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