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Clan Cameron

   [Image: clan-cameron-crest.png]   
If you wish to join us, apply
with the form to the left.
You must be able to use
TeamSpeak and speak English,
though a mic is not required.

Applicants should be
at least 15 years old.
We expect our members to
follow the NordInvasion rules,
to behave ethically, and to
enjoy the game in general.
Our Banner
[Image: clan-cameron-banner-small.png]
Event Schedule
Saturdays & Sundays
19 BST / 14 EDT

TeamSpeak IP

We like to get to
know our applicants
a bit before accepting
them into the house.
A decision is generally
reached after attending
a few events.

     The modest keep of Clan Cameron lies near Tevarin Castle,
marking it as a raiding target for the accursed nords.  Through
many a year, our lands have been exposed to the longboats and
axes of the enemy, and as such, our people have grown vigilant
during the last century.  When the great invasion shattered the
Swadian Empire, our villages fell, our people were butchered, and
the very gates of our keep came close to falling.  The only reason
our house endured was a greedy Nordic warlord who decided to
break off the siege of our stronghold choosing to plunder and
terrorize the lands around Tevarin Castle instead.

     When the siege was lifted, what few people remained alive
inside began searching around our lands looking for any Swadians
who might have survived the looting, pillaging, axes, and torches
of the nords.  We found a few men, all ready to join our war band
on sight, wishing to avenge their dead and reclaim their lands from
the nords.

     That was a year ago.  Since then, our host has grown, we have
struck down on the nords at any chance, defending villages and
fending Nordic longboats off along the great shoreline north of
Tevarin Castle.  We have beaten them in the field, we have beaten
them in the mountains, and we will keep on the fight until the
Swadian Empire is restored to her former glory!

So long as our king still draws breath,
     Swadia belongs to her people!

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Ah so that's what CC stands for Tongue may your blades drop many Nord heads
We'll make sure they do!
Thought it was good to make an in-character description of the clan... just hope Jez notice my well-hidden hint at the "King's Tasks" feature. Really hoping to see that soon! Smile
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Ah finally this is here.  :-*
(05-01-2012, 12:54 PM)Hande link Wrote: Ah finally this is here.  :-*

Yes indeed! I have not been as active on the forums as I might have wished. It seems I've gotten enough time now though, so I'll start posting alot more.
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Yo negros Big Grin
(05-01-2012, 12:54 PM)Hande link Wrote: Ah finally this is here.  :-*
It would appear Lord Hande can only join us some of the time, as he's a member of the Followers of Worm! However, I shall still look to you when OP weps are needed, Hande!! Big Grin
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PS. I joined there only so I could trade with CoWorm.  Tongue
(07-02-2012, 09:35 PM)Hande link Wrote: PS. I joined there only so I could trade with CoWorm.  Tongue
:o you shall be staked out on the beach and left there awaiting the tide coming in... or seeing as the tide neevr comes in on beach assault, left there until the nords eat you!  >Sad
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