1.6.0 Client Release
Make it so more posts can be on 1 page then Cltrl + F makes it easy.
I have just spoken to Pepe, the ruler of Kekistan, and he is pleased to see this new update.

>:D those bug fixes in the maps huehuehue, more coming soon, as I never finished what I started.
I love being spooky.

Still no 100b for Beer, but I guess that will come one day as a 2-handed beer mug.

Just hoping for cool game script features soon ;)
Stop. I'm not fixing any more
Looted A Frying Pan 11/25/14
[Image: tbavTdE.jpg]

(15-05-2017, 08:28 AM)Looter Wrote: Stop. I'm not fixing any more

And If I say please?
Quote:Various new legendaries have been added.
Any ideas?

Might I get image of Schlachtschwerter?
So strange name.
[Image: Td5KxhO.gif]
By me :3
Schlachtschwerter is the marketplace zwei sword, just check there
26.08.15-Fang of Fenrir

Krex -> Legio
KrexWarden -> Warden
KrexPavise -> Pavise Champion
KrexMP-> Master Peltast

[Image: NqiKO60.png]
i like it how my inf character got my eastern repeater and bronze bolts and my cm got deequipped its repeater xbow xD

also is there a legendary aventurier armor xD? (a lighter armor ofc)

also aegis should be usable by hoplite xD (or change the model with best hoplite shield)

also you seemed to have missed wormbane as it is a bastard wep aswell
Loots: 2016/11/14: Zephyr,  2016/11/30: Wulfsbane,  2016/12/28: Stag Bow,  2017/01/02: Stag Bow, 2017/04/16: Dragon Halberd
Whitewood Spear has a bit too much pierce in 1h mode, it has the same as pike of kings and 6 more speed
08/15/16 - White Dragon Helmet
08/25/16 - Dragon Axe
10/2/16 - Ornate Crusader Helmet
11/6/16 - Gothic Salet
12/1/16 - Wulfsbane
1/8/17 - Ornate Bascinet
11/19/17 - Legacy
(15-05-2017, 12:21 PM)Rezev Wrote: WOW
Quote:Various new legendaries have been added.
Any ideas?
Like... dragon bolts? :3
Can we rename stuff in the same way so like? from this change Imperial Armour Blue --> Imperial Halfplate - Blue 

so eg

White Dragon Helmet --> Dragon Helmet - Light
Dragon Helmet --> Dragon Helmet - Dark
Dark Gothic Plate --> Gothic Plate - Dark

Also with renaming can we rename Ornate Crusader Helmet --> Leviathan's Helmet or Leviathan's Crusader (guessing the all heroes one would be Hood)

Why as we have a 1h called Ornate Crusader and Ornate Crusader Helmet goes with Leviathan's Guard just as well as Gothic Salet gose with Gothic.

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