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Tournament Discussion Thread
It was a fun event. And even though I went out first rounds, I at least got some hits and kills in. Winter did a great job herding cats to keep the tournament running. I personally found Last Man Standing to be the most fun.

My recommendation for future ones would to be only have one ranged a day. Those took WAY longer than the melee competitions. I would also say to break down the prizes for melee, ranged, and overall (with maybe only allowing someone to win one category to not hog all the prizes). There might have been better participation (and better attendance) if people only wanted to compete in ranged and could actually win something in that category. They way it was setup, you basically had to spend all weekend on the tourney and win/place in most events.

I'd also say the NA servers seems to be the fairest overall, as most people were ping 80-120, versus the EU server which puts the range at like 20-200.
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I loved the tournament a lot! It was full of fun, you met the greatest players around the Mod and an important point of mine: You had some chats with the high tiers of this Mod for example Hande, Winter, Kip and Terath. I have never had any personal contact with either of them and the tournament made a possible thing out of that. Especially in the NA hours, when there were like 12 players left in Ts instead of 35, you were able to have some better talks & even more fun in my opinion.
The orginisation was kinda perfect (for me). It was friday, saturday & sunday + I had my Winter holidays and due to that, I had a lot of time I could spend on that Mod.
Unfortunately my Birthday fell on Sunday so I was neither able to take part on the last man standing category nor on the mixed melee fights. But that's a special case and of course you can't take care of anyone's birthday ^^
However... I hope if there is another tournament coming, It'll be in my holidays again so I can hopefully appear in all the categories because all of them were a lot of hard work of yours, mucho mucho sweat of ours & a lot of fun for all together!
You guys did a great job with that!
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18/12/2017:   Defender Armour

Orange legendary Volundr Greatsword 1000000%
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08/25/16 - Dragon Axe
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11/6/16 - Gothic Salet
12/1/16 - Wulfsbane
1/8/17 - Ornate Bascinet
11/19/17 - Legacy
That is some amazing change, thank you so much! I called it right after ranged categories, I won´t get any more points since I suck at melee (haven´t played native in ages). And Coconut, how could you guess :O I don´t even know which legendaries are orange, I´ll have to see lol. Apart from the waiting times this event was awesome and especially ranged was a lot of fun, while it was a real competition I still had fun with my opponents (special thanks to sebboh/Hobbes and Sigolo Big Grin).

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