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1.6.4 Client Release + Australian Servers
Hello everyone,

As you may have already noticed, we once again have Australian servers.  We have changed to a hosting company which is offering servers at a substantially lower cost than our previous host.  The current cost of the two AU servers is roughly 18 EUR (27 AUD) per month.  The NordInvasion donation page has been updated with a new link for supporting the AU servers.  As before, please donate using the Australian donation link if you want to keep the AU servers around!

There have been a few hiccups shifting to the new host, however, and the most noticeable is probably that your gear loads a bit slower than before - that is where the 1.6.4 update comes in.  With this update, a "gear loading" message will block you from spawning until your character has loaded.  On EU and NA, you might never spot the message unless there is some delay in loading gear.  Over time, we will try to smooth out any other rough edges caused by the slower connection to our database.

1.6.4 Client Release
  • Prevent spawning before the character has finished loading.
  • Map Updates.
    • Ancient Bastion [barriers]
    • Hidden Farm [player access]
    • Hypers Castle [AI pathing]
    • Swadian City [barriers]
    • Swadian Folly [barriers]
    • Swadian Great Hall [barriers]
    • Swadian Keep [barriers]
    • Unuzdaq Castle [AI pathing]
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