Account Hacked?

I logged on today and I was back to recruit level gear, and had also lost several levels.  I wasn't very high level, was only level 9, but had dropped back down to level 7.

Also didn't have much gear, swadian recruit armor, axe, one handed battle axe, the short bow and crossbow, and a helmet, but those had all vanished.  I asked in game if it was a bug and was told by other players I was probably hacked.

The last time I tried to play was when I joined the CN_NordicInvasion server, was playing alone when the game froze (went to block and the game locked up), and crashed.  I relaunched and tried to rejoin the same server, but it kept just redownloading the same map and restarting, so I quit.  I didn't bother trying to log back on until later today and found all of my gear missing and that I had lost several levels.

Was I hacked or was this caused by some sort of bug when I crashed?  If I was hacked, any idea how and what precautions I should take?  I've already checked all my system processes and run my anti-virus.

My account name is:

Thanks for any help.
No, read this thread:
Never mind, just saw in another post that there was a role back, so characters have been set back.  Heh, last time I trust asking other players in-game what is going on!  I got trolled  Smile
Haha, looks like you learned a valuable lesson Tongue

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