Alpha Testers and Loot on its way
The game is in need of some stress testing, both game server and web server side, so we are currently opening up the game to everyone who's interested in playing/testing it with us.

We have one server based in LA which will be running the latest version of the mod, if anyone else wants to contribute or help test the server hosting please get in touch with us, either via email or on the forums.

Please be aware that the development cycles for the mod can happen rapidly and you may need to update your client on a regular basis.

As for updates, the next features we are implementing are random loot drops, including weapons/armor and hopefully crafting materials which leads us onto the next major release feature, crafting!
Sounds good. Is this why the ping is so high for me? It was 92 before, and now it's 342.
It may just be that the server host is having a busy time or something, as i sometimes get lag as well, and I'm near the data center. If anyone knows other warband server hosts let me know so we can get a reasonable one when we launch the EU server.
Wait... so is it bad if I just found this mod and started playing?
I was the first Horse-Archer you know?
haha nope, not bad at all. We are refraining from launching officially on the taleworlds forum for now as we'd ideally like to get more content out there and iron on the kinks before we let the masses join in. But by all means refer friends and encourage them to come try it out / find bugs lol

Infact, we now have a moddb page:

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