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Client Release: 0.5.0 'Ragnarok!'
(27-05-2013, 05:16 PM)Adelade link Wrote:"The nord invasion updater must be placed in warband modules folder" i have tried in the NI folder and in the modules folder and neither worked.
I slid mine into MountBlade Warband - Modules, then slid the "NI Updater" into it and launched it. It then started to update it.
First i thought you need to place it inside Modules->Nord Invasion. But it's Modules, while you would say Nord Invasion.
But good work guys! But there is a lot of trafic, that makes the updates slow, but i have time enough  ;D
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0.5.0 Released time to call in sick for work!
Has anyone tried asking the Nords to just be friends yet?
Yeahhhhh Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Awesome!
Now, It is time....
I may now die with a smile....
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I update it FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!
(27-05-2013, 05:05 PM)Hypernoma link Wrote:[anchor=top]
  • Only people who are alive, or have died at least once in the server contribute to bot count, instead of just counting all players

Amazing !  ;D
Don't forget to thank the people responsible for this guys !
Thank the glorious pikeman for convincing the devs to release it ! (just kidding)

Thanks devs and sorry for my suggestions D:
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I looted 3 legendaries so this is most definitely true.
"The updater needs to be located in the Mount & Blade Modules folder."

Current directory:C:\Program Files (X86)\ Mount&Blade Warband\Modules

No antivirus installed or anything that would infringe on its permissions, wat do?

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