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The Nord Beastiary
Welcome to The Nord Beastiary!

In this thread you will find the current Nords, what mode and wave they spawn on, and their recorded xp and drops.  Game mode will be divided by post.  Each wave will have it's own spoiler and a short descriptive title stating whether it is a Mixed, Challenge, or Spawn wave.  After the last Nord of a Spawn wave is killed, every dead Swadian respawns.

More information will be added as it is confirmed.  I will not add Cavalry mode until it is finished.

  • Many enemy types in Mixed waves are alternating, meaning you get one or the other.  This will be indicated by an OR between the Nord spoilers.
  • Some Spawn or Challenge waves have alternating enemy types as well.
  • Some spawns are only possible on certain waves.
  • Legendary drops have been added!  Known colours have been added to their names.
  • "Suspected" means that we think it can drop from that Nord, but no confirmation has been given.
  • Assassin type units (Hired Assassin, Royal Assassin, and Trickster) can spawn at the beginning of any wave between 8 and 19, beware!  Their info is at the beginning of each mode type.

Special thanks to the following:
Winter, who started this Thread
GUIDE: What wave is this - by Yabu
Material Drop List - by Nka19

Last updated the 16th of January, 2015

Beginner Mode Spawns- Updated
Beginner Mode Drops- Updated
Normal Mode Spawns- Updated
Hired Assassin - 15 experience - Assassin Type
Hard Mode Spawns - Updated
Royal Assassin - 40 experience - Assassin Type
Ragnarok Mode Spawns - Updated
Maybe if you ask NKA and Krillene real nicely and credit them you can copy the information from their respective threads.
(14-06-2013, 09:14 PM)Punishment link Wrote:Maybe if you ask NKA and Krillene real nicely and credit them you can copy the information from their respective threads.
I have already talked to Nka.  Krilline's post is over 50% wrong, so I can't really use that Tongue

Also, don't worry about trying to update information in this thread quite yet, I'm just posting this as a frame work.  The actual information is all recorded, it just hasn't been put in place yet.
Hehe, you copycat. Tongue
I was planning on making something similar, and here's what I have so far:

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Nice layout Winter. Keep it up
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Oh you've killed Prince 7 times? Cool. Come back to me when you can manual block.
Good work, and good luck keeping it updated!  Smile
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Looking good Smile.
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