Healing trouble
Whenever im in a game an try to heal my team mates with simple med boxes it wont work! >Sad
What part of it doesn't work? The heal particles, your ammo count going down or something else
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Ah I know the trouble you are talking about.

It looked like the animation wasn't playing correctly, constantly clicking won't resolve.
Sometimes you have to move a little bit for you're character to perform the animation to heal as I was in the same match with you when I saw it.
If you are referring to the issue shagz mentioned, I'm afraid it's a common bug, and there's not much you can do about it. :-\
I have it myself quite a lot as well, the healing animation stopping midway, or the box not actually being used, while the animation does play (ammocount doesn't go down).
I really hope the devs can look into this, and can do something about it, because I've had this at some very bad timings, like a surg kit not "firing" 3 times just after the juggies nearly killed a shielder.
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Happens when your connection isn't very good or when you have low fps.

Also happens with regular attacks, but it's more noticeable/prevalent with throwing weapons/deployables because of long readying animation times.

Tome and med box are one of the longest animations and it makes more noticeable. I always have issues with dep shield and tome. Specially when running for your life while toming, I cant do that often Tongue
Would changing the animation to something shorter work better?
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if it doesn't work normally you have to jump and when you are in the air you have to use the med boxes
(know it because i have the same trouble Wink)
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Or try looking straight up all the way into the sky when you are healing that usually drops the kits and heals. (But you can't try if you are healing your teammates are not)
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I used to have problems like yours but I just learned how long to press LMB to let cades/medic boxes work.
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