Self Healin Stuff
Will there ever be the possibility to selfheal? (like announced)
Would be nice if medic boxes healed you half what they did for everyone else, like small would heal you 10%.
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I think this should take a little more consideration. The problem in my opinion is that as it is now, medics will use their boxes when they think other players need it. If you enable self-heal in any way, there is a pretty big chance it will be used only when the medics themselves need it, which would be a real downer in this awesome communist mod.
I'm with Kwal on this one. The need for self-presevation seems to greatly outweigh helping each other out in online games.
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But what we're seeing now is that medics simply drop their boxes and request their fellow players to heal them. Whereas I agree that this is a good solution for the medic himself, the effect is the same as self-healing-boxes - only with a waste of time for the medic and random player, respectively.
In other words: It's easy for the medic to heal himself anyway.
Would like a t2 or t3 box that also heals the medic, don't reckon it would be OP, and no I'm not medic.. Smile
Would maybe allow single playing style., seeing the Medic would just use Box on himself, and run off.

Think as it is now., its a great idea., and it works. What Dev maybe could add., was a small "heal-assist" xp, when u heal another player, and that would go into your healing support class.

Same for Engineers., when they drop Ammo box maybe Big Grin
but you have to see, if you are carrying one  suregons kit, all guys except you will be healed and this kinda sucks Wink
Go eat soup., or visit Shrine Big Grin I do., and still works for me... Big Grin
I sometimes use surgeon's kit to try and chase people from the soup, but they will still stay until they finished :F
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