Kind of lost here.
Can someone explain what's available at each teir for the healers?I've gotten conflicting info in game,and it's sometimes hard to read because all the spam scrolling by.Also there is no current guide for the healer's tiers.Also what and how much equipment available at each tier.i've heard some are able to carry multible kits.
OK, I am not a Healer, but I have played and seem enough to know what they have (I think).

Tier 1, Small Medic Box

Tier 2, Medic Box

Tier 3, Large Medic Box

Tier 4, REZ TOME!

This is not concrete, but I think I have it.
Start the game already!
the 3. is surgeons kit which fully heals everyone around you and dont need much time to use
ok but does'nt level 2 or 3 get to carry more than one kit?
To carry more then one kit, you just put an extra kit into the weapon slots so it's possible to have 4 kits on your character at one time
Ok thanks for the answers,be healing you guys soon.Cya on the battlefield

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