Health restored of healing items?
So, how much health does a medic box heal compared to a small medic box? How many charges do they have, etc.
Could someone please list the stats somewhere below? Thanks!
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I am not sure about the exact number amount, but the Medic Box heals what I estimate to be roughly 45% of your health bar. It has 3 charges like the Small Medic Box. It is a definite and huge improvement.
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Small Medic Box    25%    3 Charges  (Total heal: 75%)
Medic Box            40%    3 Charges  (Total heal: 120%)
Surgery Kit          100%  1 Charge    (Total heal: 100%)

Correct me if I am wrong.
That seems about right. Surgeons kit heals everybody in a large radius completely, but it is one charge per kit equipped. You can, of course, equip 4 kits to be a full time healer.
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