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Yarr! Map Updates!
Hoy dear players, I have some news for you.

Now when private servers are dead and gone, we start to update old maps more often.
This means that you need to download them ingame when you are joining to server but it should not be problem at all.

Now as startings I have updated Swadian Village and Swadian City.
I hope you guys like them but don't mind if you are going to rage.
If there comes some problems, don't report about it to this thread, there is own section for map bugs.


Now we need only more crafting recipes Big Grin
Nice idea.And i like new maps Big Grin
i am looking forward to this! instant map updates am i right?
It's all about picking apart the real criticism and commendations from the childish rage, I'm sure you can do that just fine.
good maps NOW more updates! =)
(05-05-2012, 11:54 PM)Pony link Wrote:good maps NOW more updates! =)
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What's the difference between a black and a white fairy tale?
White begins, "once upon a time,"
black begins, "y'all motherf*ckers ain't gonna believe dis shit!"
Nimueh I think you posted that to wrong thread.  Tongue

(05-05-2012, 09:44 PM)Gismo link Wrote:i am looking forward to this! instant map updates am i right?
:o cool!!!
char. name - PoisonScorpion
I think I'll never see the prince in Hard Mod.
You are making the maps harder to play with too many rangers who can hit us.
The most problem comes from the barricad who make the servers crash all the time. It's very boring.
So we can't put barricade otherwise the server will crash ans if we don't put cad, we won't be protected.

So you have do find a good balance between number of rangers, good spot where maybe 3 shields are enough to
protect slasher without cad and numerber of mob by player.

Someone said that VLKA goes to the wave 20 many times and it's why you want make Great Hall different, harder.

But VLKA is a team with a strategy and mic to speak. You have to think about others players alone in their room just trying to play/help more or less like other players do. It's the huge majority. So make the some maps easier to play and legendary lut more possible.

That's my opinion.

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