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Swadian Dueling Tournaments!
Hey folks, it's time to have tournaments in our kingdom and leave Nords to eat their socks for while.
Plan is to have multiple tournaments with low level gear and weapons.
This means that even low level players have chance to win!

We will have 5 different tournaments and you can join to any of them.

One Handed Tournament: DONE

Two Handed Tournament:  DONE

Polearm Tournament: DONE

Archer Tournament: DONE

Crossbow Tournament: DONE

To join into tournament, you need to sign up first to this thread.
Use this application form:
[b]To what tournaments you want to join:[/b]

Sign up for 1H Tournament is closed
Sign up for Archer Tournament is closed
Sign up for Polearm Tournament is closed
Sign up for Crossbow Tournament is closed
Sign up for 2H tournament is closed
We will send you server and TS3 channel password day before event.
We have own tournament map so we don't need to duel in normal mod maps.
Also if you join to event with any gear that is not in equipment list, you can't join until you have right gear.

Reward is once again ONE legendary weapon that you can choose yourself from list.
Reward list is limited to that tournament melee type what you won.
Example: You win Polearm tournament, you can only select polearm.

Tournament Equipments:

Body armor:

Red Shirt
Red Tunic
Green Tunic
Blue Tunic
Foot Armor:

Ankle Boots
Head Armor:

Arming Cap

One handed Tournament weapon list:

Short Sword
Spiked Club
One Handed Axe
Iron Mace
Nordic Short Sword

Archery Tournament weapon list:

Short Bow

Crossbow Tournament weapon list:

Light Crossbow

Two Handed Tournament weapon list:

Two Handed Axe
Shortened Voulge
Heavy Practice Sword

Polearm Tournament weapon list:

Shortened Spear
Quarter Staff
Pitch Fork
Updated 1.8.2012

One Handed Tournament Players

Winner: VLKA_FireAssassin

Two Handed Tournament Players

Winner: TrG_Baron_Superlilli
(Total: 129)

Polearm Tournament Players

Winner: Jeremiah_The_17th_of_Exteria

Archer Tournament Players

Winner: Pebbles/Jeremiah_The_17th_of_Exetria

Crossbow Tournament Players

Winner: PK_ArbalestCrosbower

Level:49/ 52
Class:Commando, militia, crossbowman / Sniper, skirmisher
To what tournaments you want to join:ALL OF THEM! except xbow Tongue

EDIT:Nice concept Smile, just noticed you can win legendaries from this Smile)
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Name: Commander_Lysk
To what tournaments you want to join:One handed, Two Handed
Honor, Glory, Loyalty
To what tournaments you want to join: Archer
Wusel @ Omnia
ClassTongueikeman, Infatry
To what tournaments you want to joinTongueole arm and throwing if you add it.
Honor, Glory, Loyalty
Name: Jarold
Level: 45
Class: Commando - Militia
To what tournaments you want to join: One and Two Handed also Crossbow


Name : Baron
Level : 45
Class : Sniper - Infantry
To what tournaments you want to join : Archer


Name : Follington
Level : 26
Class : Heavy Skirmisher 
To what tournaments you want to join : Polearm

Edit : Just realized.. LEGENDARY REWARD!!!!.. MUST PRACTICE! Also does this mean if you win all the tournaments ( not saying I will I suck ) you can only choose one legendary or 5? Can you choose legendaries like fell edge and pike of kings :3
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To what tournaments you want to join: All except for Archery.
To what tournaments you want to join:Archer

To what tournaments you want to join:1H & 2H i guess crossbow

Omg, the look on my face when i read "Win a legendary" O_O
Name: Nimueh
Level: 50
Class: Commando/militia
To what tournaments you want to join: One handed

Name: Phuckue
Level: 49
Class: Sniper / inf
To what tournaments you want to join: Archer
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