Assassine, PCK & Soviet's Armory of Definitely Not Hacked Items
Assassine, PCK & Soviet's Armory of Definitely Not Hacked Items

Please send your offers to either me, PCK or Assassine through PM or post below.


How to use our shop:
You may offer anything, but don't bother asking if we're interested in buying something that isn't listed under "Interested In".
We want YOU to send us offers. This does not apply if you'd like to sell us an item from our "Interested In" list.
We are mostly looking to trade legendaries for other legendaries and house craftables. We will not sell an item for only other items of lower value, e.g. Tome for VHTA + Barrel + Full bear set + Visored Salet + Sharpshooter Bow.

Dragon Axe
Dragon Sword
Fell Edge
Defender Helmet
Leviathan's Guard
Elegy (maybe)
Tempest (maybe)
Briga[n]dine Plated Red

Interested In
(in descending order of interest)
Materials (Heavy Cloth)
Blessed Sacrifice
Dark Offering
Masterwork Toolkit
Tiger Scale Armour
Gothic Gauntlets
Tower Shield
Swadian Resilience
Small Dragon Kite Shield
Swadian Studded Steel Shield
Eastern Glaive

[Image: P8DIVsn.png] Don't worry about it

One-handed Weapons
1x Blessed Excalibur
[Image: excalibur_new.png]
1x Blessed Halogi's Torch
[Image: torch.png]
1x Cursed War Pick
[Image: AN_whammer02.png]
1x Defiance
[Image: terath_xbowsword1.png]
1x Wulfsbane
[Image: headwolfsword.png]
1x Steel Stinger
[Image: crusaders_swords_a.png]
[Image: asfalt-light.png]
1x Dragon Axe
[Image: DragonAxe.png]

Bastard Weapons
1x Mjolnir
[Image: Mjolnir.png]
1x Aurora Blade
[Image: aurora_blade.png]

Two-handed Weapons
1x B.H. Legacy
[Image: mackie_bastard.png]
1x Blessed Ironsong
[Image: terath_2hmace.png]
2x Durendal
[Image: kingslayer.png]

1x Cursed Mangler
[Image: mackie_mangler.png]
1x Cursed Jormungandr
[Image: senni_spear.png]
1x Blessed Godwood Lance
[Image: terath_lance5.png]
1x Pike of Kings
[Image: WAoRStaffD.png]
1x Naval Glaive
[Image: Glaive2.png]
1x Elegy
[Image: terath_1hspear5_old.png]

1x Blessed Shield of Kings
[Image: spak_knight_shield.png]
1x Phoenix Shield
[Image: phoenix_shield.png]

1x Raging Typhoon
[Image: typhoon.png]
1x Tempest
[Image: terath_simplebow2.png]
1x Stag Bow
[Image: elvenbow.png]

1x Blessed Zephyr
[Image: zephyr.png]
1x Black Arrows
[Image: black_arrow.png]

Crossbows and Bolts
1x Raging Ailadrodd
[Image: terath_crossbow.png]
1x Cursed Dead Shot
[Image: shocker_xbow_old.png]
1x Blessed Eagle Crossbow
[Image: eaglexbow_at_ease_2.png]
1x Cursed Rending Bolts
[Image: terath_rending_bolts.png]
1x Cursed Onyx Bolts
[Image: OnyxBolt.png]

1x Raging Volcanic Daggers
[Image: volcanic_dagger.png]
1x Cursed Malice
[Image: disco_throwing_axe.png]
1x Rupturers
[Image: Rupturer.png]
1x Twigs of Yggdrasil
[Image: Lighting.png]

Head Armour
1x Cursed Leviathans Helmet
[Image: leviathan_helmet.png]
1x B.H. Vagabond
[Image: winged_brego_assassin_helmet.png]
1x B. H. Heavy Sallet
[Image: sallet_a_closed2.png]
1x Blessed Royal Helmet
[Image: nord_ornate_visored_helmet.png]
1x B. H. Barbutte with Coif
[Image: barbutte_coif_01.png]
1x B. H. White Dragon Helmet
[Image: helmetw_dragon.png]
[Image: asfalt-light.png]
1x B. H. Griffon Bascinet
[Image: terath_helmet3.png]
1x Heavy Sallet
[Image: sallet_a_closed2.png]
1x Valsgarde Helmet
[Image: VALSGARDE8.png]
1x Defender Helmet
[Image: DefenderHelmet.png]

Body Armour
1x Cursed Leviathan's Guard
[Image: leviguard_new.png]
1x Cursed Tiger Scale Armour
[Image: giap_viet4.png]
1x B.H. Imp. Halfplate - Blue
[Image: churburg_13.png]
1x B.H. Brigadine Plated Heraldic
[Image: narf_brigandine_heraldic_mail.png]
1x B.H. Plate Over Leather
[Image: brego_cuir_bouilli.png]
2x Leviathan's Guard
[Image: leviguard_new.png]
[Image: asfalt-light.png]
1x Plate Over Leather
[Image: brego_cuir_bouilli.png]
2x Brigadine Plated Red
[Image: narf_brigandine_red_mail.png]

Hand Armour
1x Blessed Dellingr's Hands
[Image: gauntlets_arabs_b_L.png]
1x Cursed Studded Gauntlets
[Image: spak_dark_gauntletsL.png]
1x Blessed Gloves of Vidar
[Image: gloves_king_L.png]
1x Blessed Gothic Gauntlets
[Image: terath_gothic_gaunts_L.png]
1x Dellingr's Hands
[Image: gauntlets_arabs_b_L.png]
1x Noble Steel Gauntlets
[Image: finger_gauntlets_L.png]
[Image: asfalt-light.png]
1x Heavy Bear Gauntlets
[Image: old_emb_bearg_L.png]

Foot Armour
1x Cursed Leviathan's Treads
[Image: boot_average_crusader_d.png]
1x Blessed Lionhide Boots
[Image: boot_average_crusader_a.png]
1x Blessed Gothic Greaves
[Image: narf_shynbaulds.png]
1x Heavy Scaled Greaves
[Image: boot12.png]
1x Heavy Steel Greaves
[Image: narf_steel_greaves.png]
1x Heavy Bear Boots
[Image: old_bear_boots.png]

Medic Items
3x Resurrection Tome
[Image: book_open.png]
3x Master Surgeon's Kit
[Image: MedicChest.png]

Engineer Items
3x Explosive Barrel
[Image: ExpBarrel.png]
3x Strong Wall Barricade
[Image: AmmoChest.png]
3x Strong Barricade
[Image: itm_barricade_t3.png]
2x Platform
[Image: AmmoChest.png]
1x Big Ammo Crate
[Image: AmmoChest.png]

1x Lady Head Cloth
1x Sarranid Lady Dress
1x Grinder Helmet
[Image: milanese_sallet.png]
1x Pitch Fork
[Image: pitch_fork.png]
1x Huscarl's Round Shield
[Image: tableau_shield_round_4.png]
1x Jager Boots
[Image: white_hose.png]
5x Leather Vest
[Image: leather_vest_a.png]
4x Ghastly Hood
[Image: rydell_hood.png]
[Image: asfalt-light.png]
6x Bloody Blindfold
[Image: rydell_blindfold.png]

Reserved for upgrades
Wait when did you get the Eastern Full Scale?
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how much cost th hurrican bow?
Assassine is back! You may now send your offers to either of us.
I'm back, now let me hear some offers!
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Quote: link=topic=28944.msg188890#msg188890 date=1406109024]
I'm back, now let me hear some offers!

So I have to tell you my offer in teamspeak?  :o
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usually a yes, but you can post or pm aswell
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Best Solo:
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Hard 20 Completed
Ragnarok 19 incompleted
How much gold for the Royal Shield?
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(28-07-2014, 11:41 AM)BlαcĸSɴιper link Wrote: How much gold for the Royal Shield?
make us an offer and we will look into it
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