Questing and Faction Points
So you want to be Swadia's Marshall and control her armies? Well you better get on the good side of the king!
  • Features
  • Added faction points, available through quests
  • Added new quests

Faction points will determine your eligibility for land, and on top of that buildings, including your very own castle. But these will be extremely expensive to run and maintain, plus you will need to keep good favor with the king (faction points). So you should start saving now!

so will the castle relase this week?
Haha, if i didnt have a job and a social life, maybe! Sadly castles, and infact the entire Grand Campaign is a fairly large undertaking, and will more than like arrive around the 0.5 release mark, but we are laying the ground work with all these smaller patches, so hopefully you can at least make some progress towards these things at the moment Smile
ah okSmile

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