WTK Ornate Arming Helmet Price
How much is that helmet? I looted it from war marshal.
(19-04-2016, 03:14 PM)HolyKing8 Wrote: How much is that helmet? I looted it from war marshal.

what are the stats?
52 - Chosen Marksmen
52 - Royal Guard
52 - Marauder
52 - Warden

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68 head armor
and Pavise Champion class locked I believe`

should be around 8-10 mill i guess?
First, I'd provide a picture of it and the stats that it says on the website (if you can equip it, pull stats from in-game because they're generally more accurate than website stats). Don't sell the item until you know that it's a good deal you're getting out of the helmet, and don't sell under its price range for any reason. You'll probably get a lot of bad offers, so if you don't know the game's prices very well then you could look at previous trades for said item or ask a friend / experienced price guy to help you with selling it.

Edit: Alternatively, you could post on the Armours section of the forum as a 'WTS Ornate Arming Helmet' and collect the offers that people PM you.
if you have problem of the model variety send it to winter xen winter me winter me xen because it'll piss him off
[Image: 20160329164829_1.jpg]

grabbed this off the other Ornate Arming Helmet topic

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