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Why was Cropper banned???
Ok so first off me Cropper, Vocals and Jackujoe yare in the same Persistent Worlds clan and I went into our TS th eother night started talking to joey and learned that he had Nordinvasion. Cropper used to play this mod with me alot when I wasn't banned. When we did play he just leached off me and I gave him all his gear and most of his gold so he is still like a redshirt in many ways. I know that I could just teach him but he prefers me to just login to his account. Now when I met joey I asked if cropper could use some gear because he was recently getting back into the mod since I was hopefully soon getting unbanned. As I said before he is still redshirt status but is lvl 44. He let me login to his account to manage trades and all of his gear, but as you know joey let him borrow gear and trusted me and let me help him with trades such as the one with his wall cade and Vengeance. My steam is glitched and sometimes it wont let me send messages and I will have to remove everybody almost everyday, I had told joey this as to all my friends but he forgot thought he had been scammed. When I got on the next day and got into TS and then he told me it was a mistake and he was sorry. As you saw from the steam messages I had control of the online account but couldn't get into any online servers. As joey TRIED explaing to you that it was a mistake you just brushed it off like I was playing the actual servers. I know I am supposed to be banned but I was trying to help him out and saw nothing in the rules stating I cannot. Now when I tried logging in It said speak to The_Irish_Eagle or Tjav. I added Tjav and this is the "help" I got from him...

u left ur kman in avalon: Can you just explain why he was banned I see nothing wrong with me just logging in with his account.
Tjav: nahh 2 lazy, figure it out urself

And Cropper sent Irish a long message asking why and stating it was a misunderstanding. So if your going to tell him to talk you guys, then why do you not respond or offer help or even listening to us. We offered to get in ts and again Tjav told me.

Tjav: lol it aint gonna work

I would also like to ask how you think this is at all helping Joey for getting "scammed"? There was no scamming going on and he now knows that. I was pretty mad at him but I also feel sorry that he may never geat his gear back if Cropper remains banned. So this just adds even more problems to this situation.

Now that this has happened I am almost certain I won't be unbanned, but please unban this lad he has done nothing wrong maybe some vulgar language. I would accept not getting unbanned if you would unban him ever just for joey's sake.


so since this guy feel like putting me in a very bad light, everything is taken out of context, my response nahh 2 lazy, figure it out urself, is after he used about 5 minutes defending hes own actions and demanding to know why what he did was wrong.

As to lol it aint gonna work post, well funny enough kman here thought it a good idea to come on ts with cropper in order to get cropper unbanned, hes words were something along the lines of, its all a big misunderstanding and cropper havent done anything wrong ish thing, shortly said he was very well anoying me at that point.

and this was actually after we had banned you and i deleted you from steam again

and now for the last part, you urself said to jackujoey, that you were gonna give him ur DWP when you got unbanned, funny thing is, you dont have an dwp, and as far as trades goes, you never had one, so theres something that doesnt add up, when i added you on steam the first time and asked if you could give jacku hes items back, you never actually said sure, when i then mentioned cropper you were very fast at pointing out it was some1 else, fair enough, only problem is that the items were borrowed to you, heck jacku never even had cropper's steam, everything went by your god damn steam account, and now, when you said the thing about the dwp to jacku, you thanked him for getting ur alt account banned, may i remind you that alt means alternative account. and saying it was just ur steam being silly and such, i really doesnt give 2 pots of piss's worth, since your original ban was also a scam, now the next time you wanna try and get unbanned heres a bloody hint, stop lying and if you wanna try and discredit and admin, make damn well sure that the said admin aint bloody me

No Regards

Cropper account was banned for several reasons.

A complaint was made in relation to scamming. It also exposed that you were using Cropper's account.

YOU are banned. This means you are not permitted/allowed to be on any account and Cropper should not be allowing you to use his account.

I have not received anything from Joey withdrawing his complaint. Joey has not spoken to me at all nor has he sent me any messages.

I hope that this explains the matter to you.
Thanks for answering already. Ask Joey he said it was a mistake and I wouldn't get on his account anymore.

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