1.3.0 Client Release
1.3.0 Client Release

  • New wave system.
  • Beginner mode rework.
  • Cavalry mode rework (Part 1).
  • Removal of Nord overlaps between most modes.
  • Added difficulty to Ragnarok.
  • Map updates.
  • Miscellaneous.
New wave system

You might recall the feedback thread from a couple months ago, Official Feedback - Number of Waves. Since then, we have been hard at work to move forward with that idea and with this update, all modes of NordInvasion are 15 waves long with spawns every third wave.

The reasoning for this change is all laid out in the feedback thread but the main points are...
  • People with less time have a better chance of being able to stick around for a full run.
  • Fewer waves seem like clones of earlier waves.
  • More maps can get played since each run takes less time.
  • With spawns every three waves, you don't have to wait so long after dying.
The waves are ordered as Mixed wave, Challenge wave, and Boss wave. As usual, respawning and gear replacement happen during the prep time right after the Boss wave.

With the time saved by removing extra bots, we can focus on making the remaining bots more interesting and difficult in the future.

Beginner mode rework

Beginner mode has been completely reworked to be easier (no more annoying polearms on wave 1) and more rewarding.

The current intention is to keep Beginner mode focused on making those first few level easier to get for new characters who can't always join in on a regular run. With that in mind, the bots are quite easy to work through for experienced players and hopefully not too boring for new recruits.

With the level cap still at 26, the amount of XP earned for each Nord is significantly higher. Material drops are planned but only the simplest ones since Beginner mode's purpose is to help with levelling, not to be a place to grind out materials.

The difficulty, XP, and drops are all something which will have to be adjusted over time since it is hard to judge how the mode will play out outside of controlled testing.

Cavalry mode rework (Part 1)

The number and arrangement of bots has been adjusted along with the shift to 15 waves.

A minimum level of 27 has also been introduced and the max number of players per server has been dropped to 8.

This is only the first step in the rework of Cavalry mode and more changes can be expected soon.

Removal of Nord overlaps between most modes

Before this update, there were quite a few bots in multiple modes of NordInvasion. Normal and Hard mode each had bots from the next highest mode and half of Beginner mode was a clone of Normal. This has all been changed and nearly all the duplicates have been removed. Each mode has its own bots except for Cavalry since it spans a range of difficulties.

Added difficulty to Ragnarok

Ragnarok difficulty has been increased slightly. Nothing too drastic; just crushthrough weapons on a few challenge waves and a whole new final challenge wave before Odin.

It should be noted that the crushthrough does not stun the player and the damage inflicted is a work in progress. Once we see how this affects real runs, we can start tuning the difficulty better and will continue adding new challenges in the future.

Map updates

No patch would be complete without a few map fixes...
  • Ancient Bastion
  • Battle of Praven
  • Coastal Raid
  • Fortress Under Siege
  • Graubergen
  • Offshore
  • Port Assault
  • Praven
  • Senuzgda Cavern
  • Swadian Citadel
  • Swadian Folly
  • Swadian Hamlet
  • Swadian Night Raid
  • The First Defence
  • Winters Respite
  • Yalen Retreat
  • Prep time on spawn waves now shows you can replace items.
  • When you win the round, the game should actually tell you that.
  • Assassins are back from their vacation in Wercheg. Whether they are feeling lazy or over-zealous is yet to be seen.
  • Equipment and XP adjustments scattered across modes where Nords were moved to earlier and later waves.
  • Many, many textures have been tuned to look better from a distance.
  • Elite Eastern Mercenaries are borrowing other horses until the invisibility curse on their old ones can be lifted.
  • A whole lot of back-end changes to make our dev lives easier.

Thanks to everyone who helped plan out the changes and spent countless hours testing everything to ensure as few bugs get through as possible.

- The NI Team
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Yey, new players can't beat my solo record to wave 19 anymore
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Thanks for the new design of the swadian helmet, but is it just my big head or is there something wrong? =)
In my opinion the swadian helmet generally looks better now than the old one. The old one was like a balloonhead =D

Thanks for the change of the spawn waves. I am one of the NI lovers without that much time to spend in game. Awesome!

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10/NOV/2016 - Twig of Yggdrasil

Buff Normal Skirms Shields and Pikeman armor/return long pikes, those two waves are just weak and boring.
Looted A Frying Pan 11/25/14
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(27-10-2016, 06:40 PM)Looter Wrote: Buff Normal Skirms Shields and Pikeman armor/return long pikes, those two waves are just weak and boring.

Careful what you ask for. Might just get in next patch. Wink
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Nice, keep up the good work. Will have to see how I like the return of the assassins. It was kinda relaxing to know you were safe during respawns haha. I hope this patch boost the activity Smile.

@Looter, while you are at it make archers able to shoot through ALL shields (20% chance or so but at least a chance), but only player archers as Nord archers doing that would make shielding even more painful. Let's first see how this patch plays out instead of asking for changes right away Smile.
Thanks for another hard work done NT Team. Can't wait to see how it looks like now. Smile

PS. thanks gods assassins are back, I was missing them. Wink
As ever, thanks to all the guys who worked to get this ready and to all of the community for making it worth the time and effort spent.

Nice guys, keep up the good work!

99% sure this is a bug but if it not gg kiting Sad 

only 1 in sever 

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