1.3.1 Client Release
1.3.1 Client Release

This patch fixes a bunch of little bugs here and there and adds a few minor features.
  • Nord Captain has an appropriate amount of body armour instead of being massively over-equipped.
  • The Swadian victory message should now reliably show up at the end of wave 15 instead of sometimes at the start, sometimes and the end, and sometimes not at all.
  • Bifrost Guardians now have a 50% chance of spawning with a ranged weapon.
  • The prop highlight beam is now always vertical instead of the angle the prop was placed in.
  • Bosses are marked on the mini-map again.
  • The number of assassins that can spawn on very small teams has been capped.
  • The prep time message for boss waves now notes that it is such.
  • Odin's and Thor's chosen have had their hp adjusted.
  • Map updates...
    • Coastal Raid
    • Fortress Outskirts
    • Fortress Under Siege
    • King of the Hill (new map - will be added to the rotation soon)
    • Old Shire
    • Senuzgda Cavern
- Kip and the NI Team
CC_Warden_Kip | CC_Sentinel_Kip | CC_Guard_Kip | CC_Zweihander_Kip | CC_Marksman_Kip | CC_Pavise_Kip | CC_Peltast_Kip | CC_Marauder_Kip | others...
Looking good
08/15/16 - White Dragon Helmet
08/25/16 - Dragon Axe
10/2/16 - Ornate Crusader Helmet
11/6/16 - Gothic Salet
12/1/16 - Wulfsbane
1/8/17 - Ornate Bascinet
11/19/17 - Legacy
If i just wasn't on wave 14 kiting when this hit the launch Big Grin. Thanks for the hard work however, it's always good to see them coming!

[Image: dpcfmq0qegd53mozg.jpg]
Loke Kills: 278
Thor Kills: 261
Odin Kills: 209
Prince Kills: 292
King Ragnar Kills: 204

House Crafting: Support 39, Defender 33, Attacker 30
  Alchemist: Lvl 36
Blacksmith: Lvl 21
Armorsmith: Lvl 32
Ooooh I look forward to seeing this KOTH map Big Grin
Legendary Loots:
Zephyr - 14/6/2016

Another map! So nice! Thanks NI Team Big Grin
Sounds nice!
04.10.15 Dragon Breath
22.05.17 Ullr's Bane

Shop: Retiree Shop
Nooo damn you, I didn´t even have the chance of getting 4 assassins :c Still, thanks for the steady updates!

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