Happy New Year... and a little sneak preview!
As the sun sets on this day (in the UK anyway) we would like to wish all of you a fantastic New Year and thank you for sticking with us now for 5 whole years!

As a token of our thanks and love for you guys we would like to show you a hint of something coming very soon - the new mobile friendly website!

Through countless hours of work from our dedicated team the website has been overhauled to become mobile friendly, ensuring that you can manage everything on the go much easier. It will feature a new left hand side panel with all the navigation links whilst a right hand panel will handle all the context options that you would expect, such as recipes, marketplace categories and so on.

Currently it is undergoing testing from our team to ensure that everything works as expected and will launch early in the new year. We have included some sneak previews however for you below...

Crafting Recipes

Trading Centre
Obviously we love to spoil you all though, so there is a new Trading Centre interface also coming as part of the update too. This will include a simpler layout with more space dedicated to you but will also automatically update your side of the trade as you make changes so you no longer need to keep hitting save. Again, the testing is being finalised on this to ensure it's perfect for release.

2017 and beyond
The new mobile friendly UI will drop early 2017 and we look forward to continuing with each and everyone of you in 2017! As ever, if you would like to help us to pay for the server costs then we would encourage you to donate here and no matter what happens, have a safe New Year and thanks again to each and everyone of you who help to make NI what it is!

/Naozumi & all of the NordInvasion team

Your a legend!!! You read my mind ahah Happy New Year!
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All the best in 2017 for the NI Team and the fellow players!
Hello, it is me, your brother. You still owe me about 500,000,000 and was wondering when you will pay me back.

Heppi nye!
May the coding god be easy on 2017, best wishes, kiss, 2 kisses, 3 kisses to all of you

PS. Add my scripts.
PSS. Drinking event.
I would like to be Applebot of Nord Invasion.
when you report a bug:
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First of all happy New Year Smile, second nice post. I really like the plans.
(01-01-2017, 12:23 AM)Looter Wrote: I'm A Nord

Hande in 2017: Moooooreeee taxes for Looter!

Happy New Year!  Big Grin
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509 million send me 1% lol jk. Anyways looks good Wink
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Ty BTW Good Gidt for my 27 Birthdayyyyy Big Grin

Sorry i'm still little Drunk ;p
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