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Accidentally sold a Ragnars Wrath to marketplace
Well i accidentally clicked on it like less than 1 minute ago as i was selling red mats..(don't ask how i mixed them up, idk myself) just wanted to ask if there's any chance of getting it back, as there's no confirm button to confirm the sale like with other things.. Not sure why tho.
Would be great if i could get it back.


There should be a way to buy back items from the marketplace that you sell (for a limited time). Most mmos or RPGs have this where if you sell something you can rebuy it as long as you dont exit the shop.
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Sad i hope something will be done, it happened to me to sell stuff by accident, or just by refreshing the page or misclicking.. lel

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01/04/16: Nothing
I see that you subscribe to Kekovic.

Your item has been restored, my dude.
Thanks, really appreciate it man!

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