Clan Cameron [EU/NA] lvl 32+
(07-02-2012, 09:38 PM)Hypernoma link Wrote: [quote author=Hande link=topic=729.msg11530#msg11530 date=1328650508]
PS. I joined there only so I could trade with CoWorm.  Tongue
:o you shall be staked out on the beach and left there awaiting the tide coming in... or seeing as the tide neevr comes in on beach assault, left there until the nords eat you!  >Sad

You shall not threaten Lord Hande :o! We shall scewer yer bloody Worm if you do not hold yer tongue, Follower of Worm!
Updated clan thread to show current clan-record against the Nord waves!
Got past Thor... how to beat Odin...
You cant/with an explosive barrel.  Wink
(20-03-2012, 09:16 PM)Perception link Wrote: You cant/with an explosive barrel.  Wink

Oh I can asure you, there were no explosives involved, simply a knight on a pony, kiting them down Smile
I would really like to join in if there is any free space.  Been 15 level, almost 16. Though, i got a question;

-My name currently is without a represantative tag. So, shall i waste 5.000 coins to change my nick or can it be done by some another "free" way?
I currently made it to Wave 19 of Hard Mode with a whole bunch of phalangite guys. (and OneEye)
That counts for our House stats?
By record, I meant through events and a team made of singularily clan camerons, but since Filthy, another member, has also made it to 19th, and actually beat it - dying to Odin, I will add 18th wave beaten to our statistics Smile

Thanks for informing me!
We've begun setting up events! Not long untill we get our own server, hopefully.
(might have to cough up myself, its worth it)
Applying to join here.

Name: Mashu
Class: Heavy Crossbowman
Level: 15
Profession: Blacksmith lvl. 4

Been playing a fair bit, thought it was about time to join a house.
When filthy gets a key for PoE.

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