Clan Cameron [EU/NA] lvl 32+
I'd like to join
Char: 5pud573r
Level: 15
Class: Longbowman
Very good, I will send you and invite at once!
Do you plan to continue as archer, and become sniper at lvl 39, or make a hybrid class? Smile
I see you all are Sergeants, so that means no crossbow man or?
We would be grateful to have another xbowman. Allready got alot of each class so you can be any class you want Smile
Btw sent you that invite we talked about!
I accepted it and i noticed when i got xbowman my scores goes way up.
Great! Remember to check the clan's news section for updates on... well all sorts of things Smile
Why are the xbows so expensive?
Maybe in another thread? Try making a request, or posting under xbowman in the class section here on the forum Smile
Are you all on teamspeak? I have been there but I didnt see anyone of you all.
You mean for the event? Yeah we where on teamspeak.. you might want to check your timezone, maybe you logged on too early Smile

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