The Infantry Armoury
Orik´s, Magenta's, Frost's, Adi's, Kill221's and Hitman´s Armoury

Welcome to our Armoury!

Here you can see what we are trying to buy/sell. You can also see what we have in general. If you're interested in any of the following equipment, just send Orik, Frost, Hitman, Adi or Kill221 a PM. Magenta (AFG)

We're currently trying to...

  • Eastern Full Scale
  • Imperial Halfplate - Blue
  • Arming Helmet  (only if we get Heavy Salet)
  • Heavy Salet
  • -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      *= Used on multiple heroes 

Royal Guard | Zweihander
Dreaded War Pick
Halogi's Torch
Fell Edge
Shield of Kings*
Bulwark of Swadia
Dwarf Axe

Gothic Salet
Gothic Plate
Nobel Steel Gauntlets*
Gothic Greaves

Fearsome Knight Helmet
Griffon Bascient
Plate over Leather
Studded Gauntlets
Dark Steel Greaves

Knight Helmet
Imperial Halfplate - Blue
Heraldic Plate
Nobel Steel Gauntlets*
Heavy Steel Greaves

Warden | Sentinel
Ullr's Bane
Black Arrows
 Eastern Katana
Steel Stinger

Heavy Bear Hood
Heavy Bear Armour
Heavy Bear Gauntlets
Heavy Bear Boots

Marauder | Master Peltast | Hoplite
Dragon Breath
Twigs of Yggdrasil
Naval Glaive
Pike of Kings
Whitewood Spear
Ornate Hoplite Shield

2 x Barbutte with Coif
2 x Eastern Full Scale
Tiger Scale Armour
2 x Light Plated Gauntlets
2 x Eastern Greaves

Chosen Marksman | Pavise Champion
Eagle Crossbow
Onyx Bolts
Dragon Axe
Fang of Fenrir
Tower Shield
Shield of Kings*

Arming Helmet
Brigadine Plated Heraldic
Studded Gauntlets
Swadian Boots

x Resurrection Tome
1 x Field Medic Box
1 x Master Surgeon's Kit
1 x Explosive Barrel
3 x  Wall Barricade
x Short Heavy Barricade
1 x Big Ammo Crate

728 x Coal
99 x Hardened Metal
76 x Steel
7 x Bear Fur
13 x Bronze Arrowhead
9 x Copper Bar
14 x Damascus Steel
7 x Eagle Feather
1 x Water of Hvergelmir 
6 x Scale of Fafnir
12 x Raven Feather
8 x Wood of Glasir
25 x Zinc Shard
206 x Bone Dust
1072 x Chain Links
112 x Construction Tools
160 x Flemish String
37 x Mixed Glue
2111 x Processed Wood
76 x Silk
34 x Strap
12 x Woven Steel


[Image: coins.png]  26.000.000

More Stuff
1 x Teutonic Shield with Banner
1 x Hospitaller Mail
1 x Bear Armour
1 x Swadian Hope
1 x Injustice
1 x Bidenhander
1 x Royal Shield
2 x Aegis Shield
1 x Visored Sallet
1 x Swadian Gauntlets
1 x Swadian Boots
1 x Steel Gauntlets
1 x Apsod's Legendary Sword of Kokt Torsk

Special Stuff
10 x Snowball
44 x Christmas Hat
7 x Leather Vest
1 x Pitchfork
6 x Strange Fur

Updated. Welcome Frost!
Updated. Welcome Adi and Kill221!

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