Official Event 20th May
Welcome to the NordInvasion Event

Welcome to the NordInvasion Event thread, this is where you'll find information, rules and more about the upcoming events.
Usual rules apply, you break them, you'll get kicked

We will only have 1 server and server mode will be decided by what support people bring.

We will all gather in a dedicated channel in the NordInvasion TeamSpeak ( 15-20 minutes before the event begins.
The password will be given out in TeamSpeak. (TeamSpeak is required for the event, however, a microphone is not required unless you wish to be captain)

Minimum Level 32

Event Date 
20th of May 2017
Event Times
17:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time)
22:00 BST (British Summer Time)
23:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
07:00 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Please state if you will be attending and what support/class you will be bringing 

Hopefully Google has got the time zones right this time (Thanks for those who ran the event last time)
barbutte with coif Smile
aurora blade

yea  sharpthorn
Will try to attend. Also [UK]_Pappalaz will attend
I'll probably come
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same here
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I'll come
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I'll try to come
The time is too early Sad, still sober then.
Who cares.
you pass out after 2 Breezers anyway kaas

nice to see Irish and Paps attending, i'll try to join you guys
I might come
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