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Accidentally sold item

During my in-game I tabbed out to check my progress on the website, I ended up buying 2 swords, 1 steel sword and 1 strange sword (1 hand and 2 hand).

When I was supposed to sell another item I accidentally sold the sword instead, ending up feeling very stupid.

I guess it is a done deal, but I feel like asking just in case.

I bought the item today for 25k in the Auction Hall. 
Sold it for 5,3K instead in the internal market Sad

Unfortunately I don't have any screenshot since it all happened so fast, and taking a screenshot was the last thing going on in my head after that mistake...

Regards, Henrik J.
Give me your ID and you may have another 100k, that should cover it.
(11-06-2017, 06:23 PM)Alphaa Wrote: Give me your ID and you may have another 100k, that should cover it.

Been playing for ages to get the final Tier.

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Smile

ID: 2470318

I'm currently at 153 k, from the 750 k goal.
You gotta leave your house first. And when you joined mine invite Alphaa to a trade.
Thank you Alphaa, very kind of you helping me out!

A good deed is always remembered, I shall pass it on in the future.

//Henrik J.
I got a Swadian Hope for you.
But you are still in a house leave it pls and pm me
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Thank you Thunderstorm.

Is gonna be a hard reputation to live up to with this many kind people around.

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