Idea for more fun on long term play
Hello everyone,
As it stands, the mod is in its old days and the population has drastically decreased over the year since some have overplayed, the coming of Bannerlord etc. On top of that, when we have a game with 12-16 players, you can be sure the next one game 2/3 of that will leave for X reason.
My concern is even though this game is based on long term farming, the mod doesn’t have the population to sustain an acceptable economy. The prices on the AH are ridiculously high and the perfect example for this are the hardened metal which were 4,5k gold in the past and have now doubled that. Same story with bent sword which were like 500 gold max not long ago and now don’t be surprised if you see them at 1k gold.
You can see me coming, I’m not asking for higher drop rate for legendary or some sick ass weapon/armor drop, I’m asking for less randomness and higher drop rate for the shitty loot (pardon me, had to).
Indeed, it will on the other hand be easier to lvl your profession, but is it really the concern since there’s barely any full game going on. It is harder to farm and to find someone to craft your object of concern.
I’m not asking for some drop rate that will kill the economy within the next month but something better. Thank you and sorry for the grammatical error since blah blah I speak French.
I 100% agree with you.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I've had plans for a while now to take a look at the drop rates and accommodate for the change in the amount of players. Thanks for your concern.
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Agreed, well said.
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Some things to make people play longer.

Quicker Updates
Once something gets done put it in game... it will give the illusion of more content and it will help with the drop of with player after updates. An Update every 2-3 weeks would be a good aim and even if it's 2 maps changes or something small on the lines of that. 

House Events 
Let people have more control in events e.g. 
1. Let people run events as long as they want... The limit is what kills it for some people I should not need to explain this.
2. What is the difference between a house event vs pubic answer not much... maybe could add some things like this [ 1.2-1.4x XP || 2-4x gold || 0.00etc01 on drops || ...] and the Leader/House can pick one for the event.

Ni Events 
This game would be so much better if 50-75% of the time an event was happening vs the 1-5%. 
[ Discount on hero cost (250-500k) || 2-3x XP on crafting XP || Old maps || 1.5-2.5x Xp || 2-3x (X) mats || ?-? for (X) Legendary - Boots event plz ] 

Ni August Events 

[2x EXP] August 1, 00:00 PST - August 7, 23:59 PST

[Discount On Random Hero] August 21, 00:00 PST - August 28, 23:59 PST

(07-08-2017, 01:37 AM)Terath Wrote: I wholeheartedly agree. I've had plans for a while now to take a look at the drop rates and accommodate for the change in the amount of players. Thanks for your concern.

Good news then!
NI events like maybe a week where maybe some new bosses spawn or LIMITED time... Like if queen lagertha spawned on Hard w15 instead of ragnar... or some new boss like Baldr or something...

Just like limited time things would be cool

Also this 'Swadian invasion' thing that happened 2 years ago almost to the day, I feel like the community has advanced in gear enough that it might be able to at least kill 1 of the nords LOL
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Legendary week  Idea
NordInvasion Revival project kek
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