WTK: Improvements
So I looked at most threads trying to gather info but I'm not sure of prices with the current status of NI.

Atm, I have around 6m plus another 4 if something sells.

Looking for bolts/ Chest armor and a helm.

Thanks in advance!



(Looking to be Chosen Marksman)
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Not sure if I understand Woody's reply. He probably means that if you'd like to get top tier gear for x-bowman it would cost over 20m.
Still, with 6M you have you should be able to gear yourself reasonably, for instance tier 4 armour like Crossed Sharpshooter's Mail should cost like 1M, for 3-4 you might get a good crossbow with Bronze Bolts.
1mil is crossed sharpshooter mail, 600k bronze bolts, over 2mil is sharpthorn, 400k open sallet, 500k swadian gauntlet, 500k swadian boots if you are lucky, all in all if you get a dragon axe 2-3mil you will spend over 8mil

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