1.6.5 Client Release + Halloween
Happy Halloween!

Preparations for Halloween were a bit delayed this year but not entirely forgotten.  Double xp started on Sunday with the first Halloween Challenge event and will continue at least through Sunday, November 5th.

With this patch, we gain a new Halloween themed mode aimed as being a fun mixture of normal and hard difficulty.  This new mode will be available on open Halloween servers which will remain up as long as the double xp lasts.  There might even be another running of the scheduled Halloween servers - keep an eye on the Official Events board.

1.6.5 Client Release
Halloween Invasion renamed to Halloween Challenge
Halloween Invasion re-introduced with different bots
CC_Warden_Kip | CC_Sentinel_Kip | CC_Guard_Kip | CC_Zweihander_Kip | CC_Marksman_Kip | CC_Pavise_Kip | CC_Peltast_Kip | CC_Marauder_Kip | others...
[Image: e1e56edc301393bae9c5825761da24cb--snoopy...artoon.jpg]

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nice keep it going ni Cool Heart Heart
Yuck, only 2x EXP. Where is the 10x you promised me Kip? Wink

"I will give it 10x Exp for you Element, as you are awesome and every player loves you."
What do YOU need 10x XP for, man? It's those players who still need to level up or grind for money to get some gear who need it. Wink

Thanks NI Team for another Halloween Event, let's see them new bots Big Grin
But I do not have Tier 5 Cavalry yet, that is why I need 10X exp.

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