1.7.0 Client Release
1.7.0 Client Release: Cavalry 3.0

In this update, we have heavily focused on making Cavalry mode much more enjoyable and functional than it was before. This includes brand new horses, horse armours, and lances; stat and wave balancing; and more. We have also included a few new features to improve day-to-day gameplay and added an interesting challenge to a few Ragnarok bosses.

To start with, there are four tiers of cavalry classes and items instead of five. This flattens the field and makes balancing more manageable. The new requirement for the highest tier cavalry class, Knight, is now 500,000 mounted xp instead of 3,000,000 which should be a much more obtainable goal. Anyone with more mounted xp than is required has been refunded three quarters of the extra xp as assist xp. For anyone curious, the formula was assist xp refunded = (mounted xp - 500000) / 0.4. Also, since the old horses and lances are obsolete, they have been updated to sell for the full value they were purchased for.

The new horses follow a more linear approach to stats with only one set of stats per tier which should help eliminate some of the metas that had formed around certain horses and their functionality. This may change in the future to allow for more personal preference and choice. We have also added horse armour as a separate purchase for your horse. Each tier has different stats that could apply to whatever you want your horse to be - a very light horse without much protection or a slower tank of a horse to ensure its safety. You can put any armour on any horse leaving it completely up to you how you want to equip your horse. We believe this should make for a much more personalized experience with a ton of horse and armour combinations possible. Customize to your hearts content!

Along with the new horses and armours, we have added shiny new lances! They are much prettier and more effective on the field as you can now stab with them once again. Along with this change, most of the pikeman weapons should be usable on horseback except for the longest weapons like Sarissa or Jormungandr. To make lances more usable for non-pikemen, we have also added a new Mounted Polearm skill which only applies to Cavalry mode. Marauder gets the most at 225 followed by 185 for other pikemen classes and 150 for all the other tier four classes.

There are also a few features in the rest of the game worth a special highlight. By pressing V, you can empty the bolts in your crossbow back into your quiver so that you can reload before leaving cover. To help deal with arrows and bolts getting in the way of building barricades and using refills, a new script clears missiles close to interactive props when prep time starts and the area around a barricade when you deploy it. Odin, Thor, and Loke have learned some new tricks which might cause a bit of mayhem if you aren't careful.

For a full list of changes, check out the next post.

Happy New Year!
if you have problem of the model variety send it to winter xen winter me winter me xen because it'll piss him off
General Changes:
  • Cavalry has four tiers instead of five.
  • The old cavalry horses and lances are no longer available and can be sold for their full value.
  • Three quarters of any Mounted XP over 500,000 has been refunded in the form of assist xp.
  • Pressing V empties your repeater crossbow clip and returns the bolts to your quiver.
  • The scoreboard shows a count of each bot type alive in addition to original.
  • Kicking has been adjusted to feel more natural.
  • Native kicking is used in non-NordInvasion modes such as deathmatch.
  • There is a weapon mode indicator at the bottom right of your screen under your weapon image.
  • The welcome screen now displays information players need before they can start playing. For example, the activation code for creating a new account is displayed on the welcome screen instead of as a chat message.
  • At the start of each prep time, certain missiles around interactive props (health pots, anvils, etc) are cleared.
  • When barricades are deployed, certain missiles are cleared around the construction site.
  • Hoplite has gained 10 polearm proficiency.
  • Tournament gear has been rebalanced.
  • Legacy of a Hero and Primeslayer are now one-time quests (per character).
  • Primeslayer is available at level 39+ instead of level 32+.

Item Stats:
  • Snake Spear: -2 damage (46).
  • Corsesca: +2 damage (50).
  • Jormungandr: +2 damage (52).
  • Aurora Blade's one-handed mode: -2 speed (93).
  • Steel Stinger: +4 length (90).
  • Volcanic Daggers: +2 weight (3).
  • Obsidian Daggers: +2 weight (3).
  • Black Steel Daggers: +2 weight (3).
  • Swadian Throwing Daggers: +2 weight (3).
  • Elegant Crossbow: -4 speed (31), +15 damage (130).
  • Gold Lamellar Armour: +2 body armour (56).
  • Volundr Greatsword: +1 cut (67), +2 pierce (50), +1 speed (98).
  • Warmonger's melee: -14 pierce (38).

Models and Textures:
  • Bidenhander (model).
  • Jormungandr (model).
  • Swadian Full Plate (model).
  • Visored Helmet (model).
  • Swadian Helmet (model).
  • Excalibur (model).
  • Warmonger (model).
  • Huntress (model).
  • Swadian Hope (sheath model).
  • Obsidian Daggers (model).
  • Typhoon (model).
  • Swadian Studded Shield (model, and name changed to Swadian Heater Shield).
  • Defender set (texture).

Other Item Changes:
  • All Zweihander-locked weapons gained a secondary half-sword mode with +2 damage, +2 speed, and -10 reach. This mode is designed to be more effective in close combat because of the higher damage and speed at the cost of lower reach.
  • All Sentinel and Aventurier-locked weapons gained a secondary mode without stabbing. This makes it easier to avoid stabbing while back-pedalling. (This does not apply to Legionnaire or mixed-class weapons.)
  • Hoplite spears are now held much higher up the handle. This means that you will bounce off an enemy less than before and you should be able to fight more easily in close combat. Remember that you can press X with Hoplite spears to activate their alternate mode in which the weapon is much stronger but looses the ability to parry.
  • The secondary mode of all Hoplite weapons have gotten -2 speed.
  • Ranger-locked armour now gives 5% damage reduction after armour soak.
  • Halberdier-locked armour now gives 10% damage reduction after armour soak.
  • Added new marketplace horses.
  • Added new marketplace horse armours which can be worn by every horse.
  • Added new marketplace lances.
  • The length restriction on mounted polearm weapons only applies to pikes (Swadian Pike, Jormungandr, Sarissa, etc.) You may now swing freely!
  • Added five new legendaries.

Nord Changes:
  • Cavalry mode bots have been shifted around and their numbers adjusted to even out the difficulty progression throughout the run.
  • Measures have been taken to discourage dismounting Queen Lagertha and Field Marshall Roghvatr.
  • Normal mode bots have been adjusted.
    • Added Nord Light Infantry to wave 2.
    • Moved Berserkers to wave 2 normal and weakened them.
    • Renamed Nord Hersirs to Nord Thegns and moved them to wave 6.
    • Added Nord Hersir as the boss of the Nord Thegn wave.
    • Moved Mercenary Sea Raiders to wave 5 and adjusted their stats to fit.
  • Odin, Thor, and Loke now have new special abilities. Be careful!

Map Updates:
  • Frosthaven (added more ranged places)
  • Graubergen (new layout)
  • Hande's Retreat (updated main island cading area)
  • Hidden Cave (cleared some trees for better view from the battlements)
  • Hiddan Farm (more ranged places)
  • Hyper's Hell (fix to cade eating floor)
  • Kattegat (removed some logs in the cade area that caused some issues for shielders and slashers)
  • King's Castleyard (barrier fix)
  • King's Reach (added openable doors to each window in main cade area)
  • Lake Town (layout edit and more ranged places)
  • Mountain Outpost (new version of the map)
  • Mountain Pass (reduced fog)
  • Offshore (added more ranged places)
  • Port Assault (expanded old cading area)
  • Praven (barrier fix)
  • Senuzgda Cavern (reduced fog)
  • Swadian City (more ranged places & fix to cade eating floor)
  • Swadian Folly (new cading area)
  • Swadian Hamlet (new layout)
  • Swadian Mines (new layout)
  • Swadian Old Village (moved stable closer to house)
  • Swadian Outskirts (added a new way to base & lowered stone walls)
  • The First Defence (added more ranged places)
  • The Forgotten Bay (cading area fix)
  • Yalen Retreat (added cading area near destroyed houses)

New Maps: (they will be added to the rotation soon)
  • Court Streets
  • Forgotten City

Mapper Notes:
  • ni_portcullis is now indestructible and ni_portcullis_destructible has been added.
  • ni_portcullis_winch has been added and can be linked to specific portcullises using the var no.
  • The weather controlling scene props override the existing weather code if both are present.
if you have problem of the model variety send it to winter xen winter me winter me xen because it'll piss him off
happy new year
[Image: 5OL0wry.png]

[Image: D7W32lN.jpg]

08/15/16 - White Dragon Helmet
08/25/16 - Dragon Axe
10/2/16 - Ornate Crusader Helmet
11/6/16 - Gothic Salet
12/1/16 - Wulfsbane
1/8/17 - Ornate Bascinet
11/19/17 - Legacy
With much ado the patch is out after the new year for Kip and Before the New Year for Terath.
nice to see people think ranger needs a buff

"Odin, Thor, and Loke now have new special abilities. Be careful!"

k get ready to be fucked by a loke that can tp to you from the start.

[Image: 103c961fbec04465e9f00ef3fe15ecfe.png]

be nice to know the stats before i buy them all Tongue
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I hate this update.
"Halberdier-locked armour now gives 10% damage reduction after armour soak."

Can some1 explain?
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By me :3

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