1.7.1 Client Release
1.7.1 Client Release

We have a few bugs to take care of from the 1.7.0 release.
  • Horse health bars work again.
  • Fixes have been made to some of the Ragnarok boss abilities.
  • The Ornate Hopelite Shield shows up on your back.
  • The Sunpike displays correctly in its alternate mode.
  • Warborn Shieldmaidens all carry maces now in case they are dismounted.
  • All the cavalry maps have been updated with barriers on top of the stables.
  • Novice Rider gained 1 Horse Archery.
  • Knight gained 1 Riding.
  • Kaasovic has gained a Developer tag.

I'll be looking into reports of problems updating character loadouts very soon.

Let us know if there are any more bugs!

- Kip and the NI Team
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"Kaasovic has gained a Developer tag." uh oh
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Nice to see a quick update and gratz to Kaasovic

Any chance we can use the swig on polearms on cav as atm we can only stab?
• add old skirt for SwadianFullPlate(please)
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