Unban Request
My user name was Thraxus, Sicarius. At the time there were so many trolls mouthing off to players that I lost my cool and started cussing at them, on multiple occasions. I would like to apologize for my behavior and my language, it has been several years since my ban and I would be really grateful if I may have a second chance. I have always loved this mod and enjoyed fighting the nords, I promise to behave and never to cuss again if you give me this chance.

[ General Rules ]
Do not troll.
Do not insult other players - interact in a way that is respectful of other users.
Do not attempt to take advantage of a loophole in the website or game. If you find one, report it.
Do not imitate or impersonate developers or admins.
Do not attempt to avoid a ban, warning, or mute. If banned, you will not be welcome unless you have been granted an unban.
Do not harbour rule breakers. If you know someone is breaking the rules, report them to an Admin or Developer. If you don't report, you are acting as an accomplice.
Do not act as a “back-seat admin” when an admin is already handling the situation. Admins will ask for help or information if they need it.
There will be zero tolerance for discrimination. Respect everyone, regardless of their race, religion, nationality, age, gender, or sexual orientation, in-game level. This list is not exhaustive.

[ Gameplay Rules ]
Do not glitch.
Do not use inappropriate character names. This may include particularly immature names.
Do not spam or flood the chat feed.
Do not demand that players die.
Do not tell people to leave a server - these are public servers that everyone can join.
Do not try to wipe the team by repeatedly killing last, spamming tomes, or destroying equipment.
Do not destroy or waste other people's barricades and equipment - if the team dies to a lack of defences, they will blame you.
Do not blatantly waste your own support items. There is leniency if you are actually trying to help the team but there is no excuse for intentionally hindering it.
Do not remain afk/inactive for extended periods of time. Frequent offences will be noticed and dealt with.
Do not play on more than one copy of Warband at a time.
Do not use macros for things such as shielding or slashing.
Do not post fake loot messages in the game chat. Someone will inevitably believe they looted something and we will have to go figure out why their loot disappeared.
If you are going to wear low-tier armour, be careful not to cause other Swadians to get friendly fire from hitting you. Do not use your low-tier armour as an excuse to not contribute to the team (especially as a high-tier player).

I have read and accept

I have had a chat with another Dev. We are agreed that your response to your Ban did not reach far enough to say sorry for the disrespect you sent to or Mothers. I also have a duty to protect other players from insulting and very degrading chat and for these reasons your Unban request is denied.



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