Escape From Tarkov
It's in closed beta right now, with open beta supposedly around Spring or Summer of 2018.

It's a hardcore realism shooter with RPG/MMO elements like skill leveling. Loot is a huge feature in Tarkov, and in a way it's rather similar to DayZ, although no zombies, and much better mechanics.

The gunplay and gun customization is some of the best I've seen in a game. Currently the selection of weapons is a bit one-sided towards Russian equipment (makes sense since the devs are Russian, plus the in-game setting is in Russia), but you do get a variety of American and NATO weapons, and more will be added later.

Gameplay tldr; You go into a raid (there's 4 maps atm) alone or with a group (up to 5), and the goal is to kill as many Scavs (NPCs) and players as possible, get a bunch of loot, then get to the extraction without dying. What makes things so tense is that anything you bring into that raid is gone permanently if you die with it. If you survive, you can keep it in your stash in the menu, which is permanent. So it forces you to play careful and smart, otherwise that rare gun you found the other night can disappear if you get blasted in the head.

It's still very much a WIP game, so expect issues and bugs, but imo as is, it's still very playable and very enjoyable, so was worth the price to me.

If any of y'all are interested in trying it, or have it already, shoot me a message. Me and Twenties have been playing it a lot lately, we shall show you da wey if you wish.
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Perseus     (Lvl 52 Royal Guard)
Artemis     (Lvl 52 Warden)
Hephaestus (Lvl 52 Zweihander)
Ares          (Lvl 52 Pikeman Hybrid)
Hestia       (Lvl 24 Heavy Xbow)

Loots: 1x Sun Pike

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