1.8.0 Client Release
Seems like a good update addressing some people's concerns. Good job, Winter and all devs.

I do have to say, however, I massively dislike the new steel reaver. It looks like a sword from a bad Sinbad comic. I liked the old model. Oh well.
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Oh, no, what happened with heavy pilum, it seems, as if someone stepped on him and broke it.
Can't wait to loot mats again
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whats a gold sink?


[Image: ba5451680a417f193a14f36dc3921ee7.png]

Gots some nice stats
Can you exchange your gothic sallet or Fearsome back since i think i did it with Vals into Fearsome or Sallet
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12.02.2017 Plate over Leather

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(29-01-2018, 04:35 AM)Winter Wrote:
  • Added new personal crafted Commando two handed sword, Langes Messer (Level 16 Blacksmith)
Its 18 Blacksmith lvl
BoS_Cygan_MP, 20lvl Blacksmith 
BoS_Cygan_Legio, 7lvl Alchemist 
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01.01.2018 Dragon Halberd
(29-01-2018, 08:48 AM)Woody Wrote: whats a gold sink?

[Image: 63c9eac15a6f1f4b95d389477c973f64.gif]
[Image: c3f40ebb814db3144948f9336df10a7b.png]
I am excited about the mat drop rates, now maybe the mats needed will at least be available! Lol already a massive amount of mats have been posted on the AH at reasonable prices. Big Grin
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I hope all is well, and if not try to have a positive attitude because it helps.  Thank you and have a great day!
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Hello my name is Fateeh
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After I was extremely unlucky in the first Rag and Hard run in which I got nothing, I
thought oh dear...but then in the next one I extracted 2 Lumps and 1 Damascus.

This was soo necessary and I want to express my warm thanks to the Dev team for
finally doing sth about the loot! It seems, problem solved and I am happy! Smile 
Can't wait for the mat prices free fall to reasonable hights!!!
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