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Legendary Item Upgrades (Last Update: 24/3/2023)
Gods are pleased with our progress on the battlefield 
and are willing to awaken our legendary weapons, armours and gear
 to their full potential if we give them a special offering!

We will have new available upgrades each month, while other will become unavailable. Pay close attention to Available and Unavailable marks, as recipes might change on next cycle and may no longer be correct. I don't wan't to see people miss-reading things and crafting things for stuff they can't upgrade and then complaining, so if you fail to read this it will be your own fault!

So to make it clear:
Available: Currently available to craft with provided recipe.
Unavailable: Can NOT be crafted anymore, recipe might be different next time when available again.

UPDATE: As of November 4th 2022, all upgrades are now Available at all time.


[Image: dpcfmq0qegd53mozg.jpg]
Loki Kills: 356
Thor Kills: 330
Odin Kills: 259
Prince Kills: 401
King Ragnar Kills: 258

House Crafting: Support 39, Defender 33, Attacker 30
  Alchemist: Lvl 36
Blacksmith: Lvl 21
Armorsmith: Lvl 32
Add info for Tempest pls =)
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[Image: uFwFBUY.png].....
I am doing bad good models nothing trades memes Idk

Legendary Loots:

05.05.18 - Dragon Halberd
16.05.18 - Tower Shield
24.02.19 - Ragnar's Wrath
Battle Hardened Studded Gauntlets
Hi! Can use this Commando, Crossbowmans hero and Ranger? And helbardier? Ty!
 Ł̶Í̶Ť̶Ț̶Ł̶Ĕ̶_̶Đ̶Ē̶V̶Ì̶Ĺ̶*̶ DB_Wormhole* ●Support 27 lvl
DB_Xamka* (MP, Siege Eng.) ●Blacksmith 26lvl 
DB_Dancing_Shielder* (RG, MasterSurgeon)
●Armorsmith 29 lvl
DB_Angry_Swadian_Nurse* (Repeater, MS) 
DB_Dancing_Pumpkin_Cub* (Warden, MS) ●Alchemist 35
(31-01-2018, 07:05 PM)Łíťțłĕ_ĐēvìĹ* Wrote: Battle Hardened Studded Gauntlets
Hi! Can use this Commando, Crossbowmans hero and Ranger? And helbardier? Ty!

It's same as basic Studdeds but with better stats
Hey ; - )

[Image: Geralt]
I really like the layout
08/15/16 - White Dragon Helmet
08/25/16 - Dragon Axe
10/2/16 - Ornate Crusader Helmet
11/6/16 - Gothic Salet
12/1/16 - Wulfsbane
1/8/17 - Ornate Bascinet
11/19/17 - Legacy

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