Childhood Games
Sadly (or not?), there were no computer games in my childhood days. Computers used to be room-size then, utilised perforated paper tape/cards for storage and costed millions so the idea to use them for entertainment wasn't born yet. Wink
I used to play on the Playstation 2 a lot of time! Of course with my brother.
We played a game called Champions Return to Arms. We loved the game. For those who don‘t know that game: Its quite similar to Diablo, just a bit older I think. You create a Character which you have to level up from time to time. Killing Enemies brings loot and you had to press „X“ as fast as you can just to get the loot. We always went into our Inventorie after spamming our „x“ button just to see what we got. There was always one of us becoming mad cuz the other one always got the loot. Funny times though. We ended up hating the Game after 3 hours playing every time we gave it a new try xD Was still quite funny!

Another game we played a lot was Lord Of The Rings part III. I always played Legolas while my brother tried To get on my level with Faramir. Of course he failed since Legolas was overpowered with his Bow and Arrows.

Funny funny times! And now? Nordinvasion xD
Legendary Loots:

11/12/2015:   Durendal
04/01/2016:   Studded Gauntlets                                
18/11/2016:   Twig of Yggdrasil
18/12/2017:   Defender Armour
25/03/2018:   Dark Gothic Sallet
07/05/2018:   Defender Boots
06/01/2019:   Fiendish Bow
16/01/2019:   Studded Gauntlets
08/03/2019:   Mortifer
17/04/2019:   Black Arrows
25/04/2019:   Phoenix Shield
NordInvasion Wiki

Brigadine Plated Black -  20/01/16
Dragon Spear - 17/03/18
Might and Magic series (Heroes and RPG one)


I mastered the art of... looting nuffin'.

Holy shit Road Rash was so fucking cool
Legendary Loots :
12.02.2017 Plate over Leather
4.03.2018   Defender Boots

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"It was a hot day and i was annoyed " Lord Montagu 
"You can buy 2 Twigs for one Valsgarde" Managarm
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