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Stolen items
Backstory: Before i went AFG, Me, Consweber, Captole, Killer and accurate were in a shop together, we shared items, we shared almost everything, and when i came back, all of my characters lost all their materials, items and assist xp. I came back to play NI again at around January. I was told by my shopmates that Manuira took all of my items and sold them for real money. I was really bummed to figure out all of my items were lost. I just want to know who took them and see if i can get reimbursed somehow.
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As far as I got informed: I know that Maniura sold a lot of stuff to Qrvishon e.g. He took over your playershop since everyone was AFG. So he decided to do whatever he wants to do with it.
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It's a shame that such things happen.

Nevertheless, you should not nourish too much hope for a reimbursement tho. Tbf, it's your own fault if you share accounts and passwords, especially if you all go AFG and leave it all to someone who wasn't part of your original group of players you put full trust in (Cons, Killer, Ole, Accurate).
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(07-02-2018, 05:27 PM)Nopanda Wrote: we shared almost everything

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Good luck!
Can we leave this for the dev team to deal with guys?
If nothing works out you can use my gear/join my shop

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