National Bank of Kekistan

National Bank of Kekistan. Run by the tellers: Kaasovic, Faravin, Narko and Sisi

If you wish to make an offer on any of the items, contact either Faravin or Narko on steam or forum.
For the crafting services contact Kaasovic.



Crafting Services:

Blacksmith: 20+
Armorsmith: 20+
Alchemist: 20+
Attacker House: 21







Collectible Sets:


Support Items:

* = Used on more characters

All them loots: (colours are accurate to the date they dropped)

Illustrious 28th October 2014
Black Arrows 05th February 2015
Tower Shield 13th February 2015
Shield of Kings 28th February 2015
Hurricane 05th May 2015
Hurricane 06th June 2015
Fiendish Bow 09th June 2015
Dragon Axe 18th July 2015
Valsgarde Helmet 29th January 2016
Plate Over Leather 11th March 2016
Durendal 13th March 2016
Dark Steel Shynbaulds 15th March 2016
Leviathan´s Treads 31st March 2016
Wulfsbane 29th April 2016
Dragon Breath  20th May 2016
Volcanic Dagger 22nd May 2016
Brigadine Plated Heraldic 8th June 2016
Valsgarde Helmet 28th of June 2016
Black Arrows 12th June 2016
Tiger Scale Armour 07th January 2017
Illustrious 18th February 2017
Shield of Kings 27th February 2017
Ornate Bascinet 21st of March 2017
Knight Helmet 27th March 2017
Plate Over Leather 8th April 2017
Vagabond Helmet 12th September 2017
Typhoon 27th September 2017
Dreaded War Pick 22nd October 2017
Steel Stinger 11th November 2017
Elegy 17th February 2018
Legacy 18th February 2018
Elegy 18th February 2018
Malice 23rd February 2018
Gloves of Vidar 24th February 2018
Impervious 24th February 2018
Steel Stinger 25th February 2018
Stag Bow 1st March 2018
Defender Gauntlets 7th March 2018
Excalibur 07th March 2018
Plate Over Leather 11th March 2018
Dreaded War Pick 12th March 2018
Plate Over Leather 18th March 2018
Royal Helmet 07th May 2018
Brigadine Plated Red 10th May 2018
Dellingr's Hands 30th May 2018
Tempest 09th June 2018
Severance 05th August 2018
Gothic Gauntlets 09th August 2018
Wulfsbane 3rd October 2018
Ailadrodd 09th November 2018
Tiger Scale Armour 2nd February 2019
Dark Griffon Bascinet 05th February 2019
Defender Helmet 06th February 2019
Lionhide Boots 20th February 2019
Checkered Heavy Lamellar 12th March 2019
Barbutte With Coif 21st March 2019
Defender Gauntlets 21st March 2019

Faravin aka i know how to loot Tongue
Updated some stuff, the german guy is richer now.
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