Unban request

I have started to play NordInvasion in 2013 then I left playing in 2014. I came back in 2017 to play but I could not remember password so I created a new char named "Password_Reset" and joined to server but it did not worked for me which I do not know why. Then I tried the "Password_Reset" thing again but failed to retreive my password. So I realized/remembered that If I create a new account I could see my old accounts in website since I am using same account atleast that is what I thought, I created like 9/10 new character yet realized that it doen't work. After my last attempt I realized that my Warband Account/Key got automatically banned/put into "spammer list"(if there is one) for spamming. I would like to apologize here and I can assure to the Dev Team that this will not happen again. I still have the key thus, I can give for unbanning.

Best regards,

Acc ID:21629
Your account has been unbanned.

Your account has also been 25% reset. This includes a portion of your level, xp, gold, and items.

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