Quest Overhaul
I hadn't checked the forum or quests for quite some time, but I wanted to say a big thanks! to the Dev team
for finally overhauling the quests! The rewards are fine and with the low mats prices, now you can actually get
something for the gold rewards offered! ---Just Great!---

The only thing that's been forgotten is the bot number of the Wolf Clan Warriors in "Clan Hunter" This number
should be significantly lower than the others as - if I'm not totally wrong here - Wolf Clan Warriors are only to
be found in wave 14 and that's an alt wave, so their appearance isn't guaranteed. I think that 15-20 bots of those
would be sufficient!

Thank you on a sidenote also for having implemented my donator's quest! - Very much appreciated, although it's
only completable once which is a pity... Tongue 

Overall an absolutely great job! Thank You! Smile
"Dedicated Nord Farmer"

Legendary Loots:
28.04.18 Royal Helmet
04.11.18 Leather Overmail
26.12.18 Severance
04.03.19 Aurora Blade
07.03.19 Illustrious
08.04.19 Sun Glaive

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