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Dear administration of NI,

There is something that's making me unsure for a long time now....the kicks.
When I joined NI back in the days, that was 2015, I just turned 15. 
I want to be completely honest with you. I was a big leecher back then when I started NI and for that I received a lot of kicks...even a 25% reset. After that disaster, I wanted to restart completely. I changed my name, changed my behavior on the servers (became more quiet due to that) and started being one of the most valued player on every run I took part in. 
My NI career was quite nice. I met some cool people, looted my first legendarys and became a completely different player and teammate. I can't remember being kicked again since that bad time...untill yesterday.
Yesterday I took part on a public hard run. The majority of that run was together on teamspeak just to communicate in a way better way. Then, in wave idk...7 maybe, I went afk because my mom, who just came back from work, needed my help so of course I accepted that request, wrote "brb" and have done my work. Yeah, that took me 7 minutes. The allowed time of being afk is 5 minutes. So..guess what? I was kicked from the server when I came back. 
I do understand that. I don't care about the missed spot, therefore  the missed xp and the missed loot chance but I do care about the kick it self. A kick is being noticed and always remembered by the devs/admins who can punish you for a bigger amount of kicks. I was informed that I should watch my kicks yesterday when I came back. And if I receive like 1 or 2 more kicks, the 50% reset is waiting for me. Whoever told me that does not matter (I'm not going to name anyone). The thing is, that I am a completely legit player since these bad days in 2015 and I played by any rule of this mod (with the exception of the fake-loot message report from like a month ago coz people can't differentiate 2 different blue colors and don't understand fun. We don't want to judge anyone here) and you want to tell me that if I ever got another kick, I will be resetted by 50% just because of the shit I did in the past?! I don't mean the near past..I'm talking about 3 years! I'm in a shop right now. I'm sharing my equipment. There doesn't exist a "mine" or "yours" so if you punish me with a 50% reset, you'd punish every single person in my shop. And for what? For my behavior 3 years ago? Or for the help request I accepted cause my mom is too old to do things on her own?! Honestly, I don't get the ethic point of that.
I do understand that you have to punish people that are breaking the rules more than once or twice in a short time but in my opinion, recent kicks and resets, that are from 3,2 or even 1 year/s ago, should be removed. 
I have like 29 kicks right now and one 25% reset. 1 kick out of that was in the near past...yesterday to be exact.
I do know my behavior on the servers and I'm pretty sure that its not me that deserves another reset, if I'm close to a reset at all.

I would appreciate some sort of auto remove of kicks if you haven't received any kicks in a longer time period.

Thanks for your time,


Add: If I'm wrong regarding my kicks in the past, pls inform me. I can't remember on any other kick recently excepting  the kick yesterday.
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I can just double underline this. Well done
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If you need to go do something then leave the server.

The Rules will NOT be changed.

If you follow the Rules you have nothing to fear break them and YES you will be punished.

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