1.9.2 Client Release
Hello NI community,

This patch focuses on cleaning up the crossbowman progression, adjusting throwing axes/daggers and pilum, rebalancing the progression of the fast bows.

Model Changes:
  • New model for Elegant Bastard Sword
Item Changes:
  • Made sure all bolts have Bonus Against Shields, Can Penetrate Shields, and Extra Armor Penetration as intended
  • Severance and Worm Bane bastard modes corrected
  • Marketplace non-repeater crossbows +15p
  • All repeater crossbows +5p
  • (Simple) Repeater Crossbow +1 weight
  • Heavy Repeater Crossbow -1 weight
  • Sharpthorn +5p
  • Bolt Tosser +10p
  • (Blessed) Penetrator +5p
  • Swadian Surcoat Overmail +1 armor, +4 leg, recipe moved to Armoursmith
  • Bear Armour -3 weight
  • Gilded Bear Armor -8 weight, +1 leg
  • (Dark) Gothic Sallet -.75 weight
  • (Cursed) Mangler +1p (both)
  • Cursed Mangler +4p additional (thrust)
  • Mangler secondary mode added - Crushthrough
  • Volcanic Daggers -3rof, +1 missile speed
  • Obsidian Daggers -3rof, +3 missile speed
  • Black Steel Daggers -3rof, +4 missile speed
  • Swadian Throwing Daggers -3rof, +5 missile speed
  • Very Heavy Throwing Axe +5 missile speed
  • Malice +4 missile speed
  • Yew Longbow -2p, +2 missile speed
  • Sharpshooter Bow -3p, +2 missile speed
  • Ebony/Elmwood Bow -1p, +3 speed, -1 missile speed
  • Fiendish Bow +2 speed
  • Ullr's Bane +1p, +1 speed, +1 missile speed
  • (Raging) Tempest +2 missile speed, +2p
  • Blessed Aurora Blade +1c, +3p
  • Blessed Aurora Blade One-Handed +1c, +7p
  • Sun Pike -3p
  • Cursed Sun Pike +1c, -2p
  • Blessed Mjolnir +1b
  • Blessed Mjolnir One-Handed +1b
  • Blessed Halogi's Torch +1b
  • Wulfsbane -2c, -2speed, -3p, +.25weight, locked to Sniper Heroes, PM to swap for Ragnar's Wrath
  • Heavy Pilum +1speed, +6 accuracy, +1 missile speed, -3p
  • Pilum +1spd, +1 missile speed, -3p
  • Legionnaire can now use Warmonger
  • (White) Winged Helmet -1 armor, -1 weight
  • (White) Dragon Helmet -1 armor, -1 weight
  • Griffon Bascinet +.5 weight
  • Battle Hardened Griffon Bascinet +.25 weight
  • New Marketplace Marauder polearm
  • New House Crafted Master Peltast throwing spears
  • New legendary item
Other Changes:
  • Master Peltast -1 ironflesh
  • Added the ability to skip preparation time (80% majority to skip)
  • Removed an unintentional 1% damage reduction from several items
  • Adjusted the rendering of Trickster hoods at a distance to avoid clipping
  • Water should be cow-free now (at least until someone intentionally adds one)
Scene Updates:
  • Graubergen (spawn position)
  • Kattegat (barriers)
  • King of the Hill (shrine)
  • Nordic Fortress (removed old camp)
  • Nordic Village (barriers and spawn positions)
  • River's Conflict (retired / removed from rotation)
  • Swadian Castle (ammo box)
  • Swadian Folly (barriers)
  • Swadian Great Hall (spawn points)
  • Swadian Mines (various adjustments)
  • Swadian Old Village (barriers)
  • Swadian Village (retired / removed from rotation)
  • Yalen Retreat (spawn points)
First. Take that nerds.

Also obligatory REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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Wulfsbane -2c, -2speed, -3p, +.25weight, locked to Sniper Heroes, PM to swap for Ragnar's Wrath

If you want to swap your Wulfsbane pm me ill trade you for my ragnars 
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"Marketplace non-repeater crossbows +15p"

Aaahhhww yeaaah esketit

Good update.

Thank for up Mangler. and add Alt mode with Crushthrough. very good.

Angon is very intresting too. need craft and test =)
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Top loot:
16.11.2015 - Princess Dortea - Bulwark of Swadian
20.06.2016 - Odins Chosen - Durendal
22.08.2016 - Hodur - Black Arrows
09.10.2017 - King Ragnar - Ragnar's Wrath
04.06.2018 - Chosen Valkyrie - Dellingr's Hands
04.08.2018 - Nord Prince - Wulfsbane
War Bolts, the craftable for Sharpshooter still dont have 20% armor penetration
(17-03-2018, 04:50 AM)Unknown_Soldier Wrote: War Bolts, the craftable for Sharpshooter still dont have 20% armor penetration

All of the bolts have the correct flags, some just do not display in game yet.  However, their functionality is not at all impaired.
You again loosened my favorite Master PeltastSad(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
-armor -damage -1 ironflesh... next Athletics for kill my NI ? Sad
stop it! {to cry a lot}
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Z update best update
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