Updated Trading Rules
Hello everyone,

We've updated the trading rules a bit to help deal with the increasing number of threads and to make your thread bumps a bit easier to schedule.
  • There are three types of posts that fit on the trading board: WTB, WTS, and WTT.
  • You may have one of each type of post active in each of the trading boards.
  • If you have multiple offers that fall under the same type in the same board, they should be combined into one thread.
  • If you routinely have many trading offers going at the same time, you might consider creating a shop.
  • WTUC (uncrafting) threads should be made in the relevant crafting board rather than the trading section.
  • Threads my be bumped every 20 hours (dropped from 24).
The full trading rules can be viewed on our Wiki.

- Kip and the NI team
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I will be merging posts over the course of the day in order to meet these new requirements. Just so other people know.
Steam name:  Sargeant Q

Finally. GJ guys. It was a mess with so many threads.
Also.  Shop partners need to figure out which person they want to handle trading threads,  Having the same threads from multiple shop partners will not be allowed anymore.
Steam name:  Sargeant Q


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