your top 3 games ever
i want to know what are your top 3 games ever,  Make a list like below

1: game xyz. and a little description why exactly this game.
2: game xyz. and a little description why exactly this game.
3: game xyz. and a little description why exactly this game.

1: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. bcause its a nearly perfect game , hundrets of Hours awesome Gameplay, many many nice mods to keep the fun alive
2: Kingdom Come Deliverance. bcause the Graphic and the Story are fucking nice, the only negative point is the pretty low play time until you have it through. (50h)
3: Mount&Blade Warband. ok the Graphic is not the best, but I do not know a game that has made me so many hours of fun. (2065h)
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1. Mount&Blade Warband
2. Pokemon Red
3. The Elders Scrolls Skyrim
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1. JFK Reloaded [I like history] 
2. Mount & Blade Warband [Gameplay and amount of the mods] 
3. Diablo II/III [Amazing cop, pvp and game atmosphere]
Final Fantasy Tactics
Asheron's Call
Medieval Total War
Read dead redemption the division Mount and blade
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12.02.2017 Plate over Leather
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Operation Flashpoint (first one) - military FPS, US vs RU in 1980s (don't try to get one, it is history now, was continued as ARMA)
Heroes & Generals - military FPS, WWII, can play RU, DE, US
- World of Warcraft (Where i realy got into mmorpg)
- The elder scrolls v skyrim (Because skyrim)
- Pokemon emerald (First pokemon i got on gameboy advance SP)
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Guild wars 1
League of legends

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Rome Total War - I am a god at this game
Command and Conquer Red Alert - first Game I ever really got into
Stronghold Crusader / Theme Hospital - Both of these are very nostalgic to me, and make me chuckle often.
full tilt! pinball

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