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I would trade for items which arent on my Wishlist, when the trade inlcudes Money & Mats!

Crafting Materials:

We are buying....

Chain Links

...if you are short on gold, we need huge amounts. Just PM me!

My Steam ID for easier negotation:


Stone Maul
Hero's Despair
Dragon Bolts (12m pure Cash, look at my other thread tor Details)
Illustrious @AH 
Thanos Legacy
Steel Stinger @AH 
Cursed Ullrs Bane (Only for Tempest/Typhoon)
Zephyr (for Blessed Zephyr/Cursed Black Arrows Upgrade)
Pumpkin Head
Skull Head 

Looking for:

$$$ Money $$$   & Mats (like Everybody!)
Dark Offering / Blessed Sacrifice / Master Toolkit

(Raging) or (normal) Volcanic Daggers*****
(Raging) or (normal) Tempest*****
Blessed Zephyr****
Cursed Black Arrows****
Tiger Scale Armour****
(Blessed) or (normal) Twigs of Yggdrasil***
(Cursed) or (normal) Rupturers***
(Raging) or (normal) Typhoon***
Phoenix Shield***
Heavy Salet***
Onyx Bolts**
Rending Bolts**
Dreaded War Pick**
Leviathans Guard*
Leviathans Treads*
Gloves of Vidar*
Dellingers Hands*
Lionhide Boots*
Brigandine Plated (H/B)*
Gothic Gaunts*

Feel free to offer ANYTHING else [Image: wink.png] (we got nearly all classes)

* = Priority --> more * = higher Priority

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