WTS Dragon axe and Noble bastion
Dragon Axe cheap and best effort for new player

Deadly, quick and  versatile, ca be used by infantry tier 4 and  xbowman tier 4 (heroes included)
Bonus against the shields: enemy shield eater can destroy it with 2-3 hits
Best for slashing speed, with legionnarie would be good for killing jotne.
You can concat twice side attack killing fast a lot of hard npg
In narrow maps you can do the best, not hitting obstacles, wall or frendly fire.
Anyway on retreat you can slash aim to head when you backward (no useless stab move).

For xbowman it's good too.

The upgrade cost for battle honed it's around 5m (cheap) and gain  65cut and 105 spd (+2 speed and + 5 cut. +3 than wulfbane and +1 than illustrious)

[Image: da.png]

Noble Bastion

Very versatile  xbowman shield,  good for afk shileding with pavise or go to charge with aventurier. perfect for mounted repeater
This enough fast when changing from xbow and has a lot heath points. It's wide so  you can cover easily your side when mounting horse.
And it's not heavy only 1 weight, so you can move without be encumbrance and slow down form weight.

[Image: noble.png]


Heavy Steel Greaves  
Small Dragon Kite Shield 
Heavy Repeater Crossbow


Masterwork Toolkit
Dark Offering
Blessed Sacrifice
Phoenix Feather 
Heavy cloth
Sturdy wood

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