Fluzzer account privileges
(this is from fluzzer as he has had his posting privilage removed but has a genuine question)
what privileges do i even have anymore i can't post or pm people anymore youve legit forum banned me without doing so, and all without any warning or messages i have a 0% warning level on my account.
Little Fluzzer has been put on a indefinite time-out, as the boy was very naughty and didn't learn from his previous timeouts.
I would advice you, as an advocate of Fluzzer, to talk some sense into him if he wishes to keep his overal privileged on this forum, before an evil spooky man comes along and suspends the account or even takes it a step further by casting a magical spell with yet unknown consequences. Fluzzers' life now lies in your hands, young padawan.
I would like to be Applebot of Nord Invasion.
when you report a bug:
[Image: 605e46fa288cea5a376cb4b87589e362.png][Image: 01b862351843dc5442a2308fc2eee623.png]
Imagine getting banned lol
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